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Why did you decide to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hyp, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Reminiscing back to my high school days, I got to thinking why did I decide to smoke in the first place? Why did I go against everything I'd ever been taught just to experience something that those kids talked about in the back of the class. Those same kids with long hair who actually snapped back at the teachers (who would've dreamed!) and eventually welcomed the expulsion from that day's class?

    Oh how naive I was. I would just mind my business as I heard words that sounded foreign to me. Smoking a bowl brought to my mind throwing the plant matter in a cereal bowl with some lit matches and inhaling. XD

    The subject came up at the lunch table one day, I believe, and my open mind was just like "well shit, this sounds fun!" I had absolutely no pressure or doubts and gladly welcomed the offer to be inducted into an ancient counter-culture that would eventually change my way of living.

    So the question remains: why did you inhale that first puff? Was it at a party? Were you pressured? Were you by yourself experimenting?

  2. i started smoking this year. yea i waited quite i while. i was missing out. i guess i was just like thinking about it and realized its not all that bad for you so i tried it and i liked it.
  3. My cousins got me into it. They came over to my apt one night after I got off work and at that time they were selling kush so they asked me if I wanted to try it. I did and needless to say I got fucked up. Bad. I was giggling like a bitch, hallucinating a bit and paranoid out of my mind. But that was before I could control my high. I don't do all of that crazy crap anymore, but then again, I haven't really smoked good kush since then so who knows. Anyways, I wasn't pressured. I did it on my own merit and I've been enjoying the lifestyle ever since.
  4. I was curious. I'll never regret starting to smoke weed though, it's done nothing but make dull moments in life way better, and makes me feel jawsome.
  5. search button is you friend... there has to be atleast 5 threads like this.

    as for me i started smoking after i tried acid and wanted something i could do regularly also cause of a tramatic event in my teenage years.
  6. 100% what i think and its 100% true:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. peer pressure haha

  8. Damn bro, sorry to hear that. It's sad when your first time meeting Mary is when someone pushes her upon you. Just ain't right.
  9. Friend had weed and asked me if I wanted a bowl. I said Fuck yes. =] Now, I smoke everyday!@
  10. All my friends were getting into it so I was wondering what was going on. 1 and 2nd time kinda sucked cuz i didn't even get high. 3rd time... Christ almighty the room was spining.
  11. [​IMG]

    I went aganst everything I was taught because of what my friends said. God bless them.
  12. thats fucking hilarious. and to the dude with the eyeballs as your sig, that shits fucking cool. im so happy i havent smoked in 6 days because dealers around here are joints so yeeeea my buddy packed 4 camel crushes with some heddies and i must say, it kinda sucked but it was weed. he popped one of the menthol balls and it was nasty as fuck.
  13. Well... I was going on my senior trip to Panama City Beach and was like what the hell I'm going to buy some.

    So, get my stash and me and 40 of my classmates (not all in the same car, but I was with four of my close buddys) and we drive down to PCB. On the way sparked up my first bowl from my Sherlock Holmesy (nickname of my pipe i smoked it out of).

    After that went to college and now smoking some OG Kush and Trainwreck out of my vape.
  14. about two years ago my brother started smoking so like two months after he started i said what the hell i'll try it. so i with my two of my friends and him and his friend and we all smoke up. it kinda sucked though because the first time my parents woke up when we were sneaking into the house so i was paranoid as fuck.

    about two days later i decided to smoke again in search of the high that most people talk about so i stayed home from school and when everyone left the house i smoked a bowl. only one word can describe the next two hours: perfection.

    thats how i became a stoner and i don't ever plan on quitting
  15. Me and my friend watched half baked after wondeirng about this "Weed" stuff. We were convinced. My friend bought a nickle bag and we rolled 2 of the shittiest joints ever, if you could even call it rolling. I didnt get high that time, the next few times, however, were awesome. We were young and having fun trying new shit. I eventually became a daily toker, and now i have actually cut down quute a bit because my tolerence was no longer interesting in the cannabis world. I learned all i could about it once i got into it. All i could think was WOW
  16. I started about 5 years ago when I first came into high school. Really, the only reason why I tried it because I felt like experimenting (quite the dangerous mindset when you have no background knowledge). Now, looking back, I'm quite glad I did try it.
  17. Your last name doesn't happen to be...McFly?

    Does it? :hello:
  18. I have never liked all. I hate the way it makes me feel, the after effects etc. I have tried coke, quaalude and LSD, none really hit that special switch where i'd ever do them again. I tried cannabis and its just what the doc ordered (no pun intended) I can still have full control over my functions, my focus goes up, I'm more relaxed and at ease. God, cannabis is a wonderful thing.

  19. Haha. I remember in 5th grade or so i had to right a DARE essay and i won. Two years later i decided to smoke on my own and it was history from there. :D
  20. No, but your close :eek:

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