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Why did you decide to smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Hyp, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Reminiscing back to my high school days, I got to thinking why did I decide to smoke in the first place? Why did I go against everything I'd ever been taught just to experience something that those kids talked about in the back of the class. Those same kids with long hair who actually snapped back at the teachers (who would've dreamed!) and eventually welcomed the expulsion from that day's class?

    Oh how naive I was. I would just mind my business as I heard words that sounded foreign to me. Smoking a bowl brought to my mind throwing the plant matter in a cereal bowl with some lit matches and inhaling. XD

    The subject came up at the lunch table one day, I believe, and my open mind was just like "well shit, this sounds fun!" I had absolutely no pressure or doubts and gladly welcomed the offer to be inducted into an ancient counter-culture that would eventually change my way of living.

    So the question remains: why did you inhale that first puff? Was it at a party? Were you pressured? Were you by yourself experimenting?

  2. It was probably in 7th grade, me and two of my buddies were going through one of there brothers crap in his room when we came across it,we all heard about it in school and well kids will be kids went into the woods on the side of his house took a few hits each,needless to say we LOVED it so now here it is ten plus years later and were still hittin it (not together as we went our own ways).

    I wasn't really pressured in fact i offered to take the first hit lol.what a hit that was wish I can go back to that day.I don't think you ever experience a high as you do your very first high.

    One thing that did disappoint, I was expecting to get a high like on tv where they see different colors and shapes and everything is movin,but a few years down the road i discovered it wasn't only thc the people on tv were acting to be on.
  3. Now that I can look back on it with a matured perspective, in 10th grade I was one of those "crazy teen bing drinkers" all the news stations used to go crazy over. All of my friends were :D These weren't really parties though, since it was all AP-level students getting ridiculously drunk multiple times a week.

    Well, one night while super hammered I was offered to hit my friend's glass dragon pipe- of course I ripped the shit out of it. It was both me and my best friend's first times toking and we smoked a bowl to us two of the best shit we could, and still can get, in south florida. About the high: I retreated to a king size bed for the rest of the night because the world was spinning so damn much. Everyone came and visited me periodically throughout the night until i sobered up a little and the drinking started again.

    Needless to say, I smoke 7-8 times a week now and only drink when I'm at a weed unfriendly party, or college football is on.
  4. the first time I smoked was in 8th grade with one of my friends out this homemade bowl and then I didn't smoke again until like halfway thru 9th grade then I just never stopped I didn't even like it that much at first but my friends were always passing it to me and one day I was like dam getting high feels soo good lol
  5. Just something I wanted to do out of curiosity. Also was a social thing at the time, but that dosnt matter at all now. I never knew who to go to or anything. I was at a party w/ a friend and he had weed on him so I tried it. I didnt get high but that was my first time trying it. Out of a small wooden pipe.
  6. In like 8th grade i was chillen at this kids house who i knew blazed.
    then he pulls out this huge homemade gravity bong
    i was open to it so i just took a hit
    coughed my ass off too.
  7. i awalys been the kinda kid that liked to rebeal and not listen to adults and shit. freshmen year most of the kids i hung out with were older like juniors and seniors because i made varsity hockey. one day we were just drivintn around (thats what i thought) but really they were tryin to get bud. then we got some and i was like wtf. i didnt cross my mind before. then i was coughin up a lung and smiling so fucking big.
  8. Was spring break, and my vacation fell through. That's about all there was to that.

    Since I got in highschool, I had nothing against weed, learning all about the true effects, and since Freshman year dismissed all the bullshit "adverse" effects everyone tried to sell me.

    So it was spring break, this past year, and I realized how bored I was going to be. I may as well give it a shot, ironically enough, my best bud had tried it for the first time the night before I told him we should try. Ahh good times that night.
  9. A lot of my friends had already done it, my older brother had done it... pretty standard.

    I pretty much just wanted to see what all the fuss was about and ended up falling in love.
  10. me and these 3 other guys grew up together, we drank together for the first time and smoked together for the first time. One of my friend's cousins came by one day back in 9th grade and pulled out a blunt. We sat around and smoked and here i am today.
  11. Haha, me and my old best friend decided to one time, no pressure, was back like almost ninth grade....he, i hear still tokes, i do aswell. We don't really talk too much anymore.
  12. I was always kind of a sheltered kid, as I was growing up I kept hearing about this weed (finally saw it in 8th grade). After slow research over few years I was just like fuck it and found some cool people who could smoke me out/find me hookups. Been toking pretty much daily ever since
  13. besides getting me stoned. Weed helps my allergies, asthma, and overall quality of my life.
  14. friends did it and liked it alot, it was harmless, so i said fuck it.

    smoke a couple joints with a british waiter and my friend. goood times.
  15. well growing up i liked in humboldt county...parents grew and smoked along with everyone up here...i was never educated when i was older and when i was around 8 they stopped smoking/ being obviosu with there stoner acts...when i started smoking herb i remember smelling the burnt bud and being like "hey i highly recognize this smell!" haha...afetr smoking for a little my parents told me a little about there smoking lives...and as i matured more and more came out of there mouths...i recently learned my dad can blow glass! lol
  16. Nearly the whole side of my dad's family are stoners. My dad first smoked me out when I was like twelve. Didn't look back since.
  17. Peer pressure. It took them a while to get me to do it though, I'm pretty set in my ways. It was between 7th and 8th grade, I believe. My friends had been doing it for a little while but I was nervous to try it. My friends (at the time) were good stoners - they taught me proper etiquette, if you got bud share it, etc.
  18. Why did I start smoking? i was ready for a new perspective on life, i first tried it probly around 8th grade or the summer before ninth. i had already experemented with drinking a little and new i was ready to experiment more. tried it and have been in love ever since.
  19. I kinda have two different "firsts" since I took a break for a few years.

    First was when I was in 9th grade. We had already tried acid twice so we figured weed was quite a few notches down from that so we said what the hell lol

    Second one was that we really needed a healthier vice so to speak as we had developed quite a drinking habit that really messed up a lot of stuff. So we started smoking on our honeymoon in Costa Rica where we scored 1/4 from a local there and proceed to get high as hell the whole honeymoon. I ended up sneaking the rest under my sack on the plane ride back lol
  20. My two best friends started when i was a senior so i did some research and found most of what id been told about pot was false.

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