Why did we come from?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by weedski, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hey, I was just having a pretty weird thought a few minutes ago. Here's what I want you to do:
    1) Clear your mind of everything
    2) Take a few seconds to think in detail about your life, and its uniqueness.
    3) Now just ask yourself: why was I born on [--/--/----], with [-------] as my mother? Why was I born in [----------]? Why am I [race].

    What I am trying to get at, is why do we enter into the world at such a random time. Why did the world go round for millions of years before I was born, only for me to enter on an exact year, month, day, second? And will it do just the same once I die? Why was I born in England and not in a slum in Africa?

    Why were YOU not born 50 years ago? Why were YOU not born into an Ancient Egyptian household? Or even 10000 years into the future?

    Try it, and discuss :)
  2. I think at one time or another, we all ask ourselves these questions. Could be fate, could be predestination of sorts, or perhaps we already have lived numerous lives being of different color, language and sex. The only life we know is this life. Perhaps we simply don't remember. Eventhough I am not a big follower of past life regression, I am somewhat curious about the subject. Past Life Regression - Change Your Future By Remembering Your Past!
    It is possible that we actually did live before under circumstances completely different from what we know now.
  3. i am me. i'm here now... and that's all that matters.
  4. Yeah, and it's kinda like this: Say you go out and get absolutley pissed and have an amazing time. The next day you wake up and you can't remember a thing. Does that mean that it was worth doing in the first place? If you have no memory of it, you can't fully appreciate what happened. If life (like you say) is the same principal, is there even any point in trying in life as you wont be able to remember what you had in your next life.
  5. Who cares if we remember it? We're here now, and it's the only chance we're gonna get (IMO), so why not make the most of it?

    We're really incredibly lucky, if you think about it. Think about all the possible combinations of genes that could have made someone other than yourself. But no, it was you that came out of the mix. Think of all the potential people that never get this chance, but by the luck of the draw, it was you that popped out.

    So I say, live it up.
  6. Yeah man, what you said and more. Remember your not special your just a random event on the blip of time of the universe, a mere billionth of a millisecond that will be the history of the universe. Go ahead and spend all your time complaining about life but I'll be enjoying my millisecond every (human) second until the day I die.
  7. And I find it amazing that we are privileged enough to live in the exact point in time where we can understand all this, make sense of it, and work towards finding out even more. That's why it breaks my heart just a little bit every time I see someone who acts counter to the very progress and mentality of science that makes this little pinprick in the timeline of existence so notable and so great.

    So wallow in it. Take advantage of it.

    Hell, enjoy yourself.
  8. i really dont 'claim' a religion, but i believe in god

    with that being said whats really crazy to me is space, billion and trillions of galaxies and stars that are thousands times bigger that the sun, its the most incredible thing and it blows my mind every time i learn something new on net-geo, sci and disc channel. i love getting super high and watching it on my samsung touch of color, its so real its crazy, these nature shows are fuckin breath taking.

    Sunday night 5/31 @ 9pm theres a big universe special on National Geographic

    Check these two pictures from the hubble, just a glimpse of how ridiculously huge the universe is, its almost unattainable to understand the scale. ive got a few more incredible pics if anyone wants more links.



    the pic below fits in the one above :eek: amazing


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