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Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. i was jst wonderin how everyone got into smokin and around what age.

    i got into around 15, im 19 now, but i started cause a bunch of my favorite bands were into drugs and i wanted to see what the hype was about it also, now i know and i love it. its a good thing to get away from the old grind and jst sit back and think about things that might be troubling u
  2. i got started around 13
  3. (Ho-ly cow! I didn't mean for this to be so long.. oh well!)

    I started a short 18 or so months ago. Last year, nonetheless. I was 20.

    Why did I start? Well, I knew my friends smoked pot. Okay, well, that's not totally true. I knew that some of my friends smoked pot, I just had no idea how many of my friends did! And I realized that they wern't being turned into homicidal maniacs or anything. I also knew my 21st birthday was coming up (6 months away or so at that point), and I'd never even really drank alcohol, nor did I want to, I like my brain cells where they are, thank you. I did some research on the internet and learned more about pot, what it does to the human body, how it affects the brain, the lungs, and soforth. Then I researched alcohol in the same way (although I've not gone into as mcuh depth with alcohol). When I realized that pot was safer than alcohol, and moreover has NEVER been directly responsible for ANY death, I realized that it wouldn't hurt me.

    At that point in my life, I was a high-strung, overstressed, hyperactive kinda' guy. You know, the "heart attack by age 25" type. I was depressed and miserable, and had an overinflated sense of importance in the world. I always felt that (even though it didn't make logical sense) the world teetered on my shoulders. Just imagine the stress and worry that comes from that simple misconception. I was always afriad of making any mistake, often to the point of emotional paralysis. Dear God, I was a mess.

    My friends had wanted me to smoke pot for a long time. They saw how I was, and they saw that I needed to mellow out, big time. They never pushed it on me, just offered it to me, but they were never ever pushy. Then, one day, after I had done my research, and realized that pot wasn't gonna' kill me, or drive me insane, or make me a coke-head, I decided I'd give it a try. Hell, what's one time anyway, right? Even my science teacher said that "one time probably won't hurt."

    I still remember the night. My buddy, Micah, had gone on probation a few weeks prior. He had a bowl with resin in it, and a knife at school. Long story, not his fault, but anyway... He really, really, really wanted to smoke with me my first time, so we sat down and calculated, based on the piss tests he'd already taken, exactly how long it'd take him to clean out. He had 3 weeks before his next drop, and we figured it took 2.5 weeks, max, for him to clean out (he has like 0% body fat, the bastard!).

    There were 4 of us, total. Austin, Micah, Micah's little sister, and me; and two joints. I was so psyched, but a little scared, too. I didn't know what to expect it to feel like, so I just didn't anticipate anything. They passed me the joint and I hit it, and held it in. I remember them saying I "hit it well for your first time." Then I coughed like a mofo. After we smoked down the two joints (me sitting out the roaches), we built a bon fire and sat and chilled.

    I remember watching the fire, and just kinda' being there, and then it hit me. BAM! "What a weird dream!" I thought to myself. "I just dreampt that I smoked two joints!" Then I realized, "Holy fuck! I did just smoke two joints!" Realization at last: "oh, so this must be what it's like to be high...totally not what I expected." Then, "Holy shit! Damn! I'm high! Cool!"

    I was stoned for like 4 hours that night. I analized everything about it, and said most of my thoughts out loud. Most of them were in the thrid person, too. Like: "There's two me's... there's two Kris's. I see them both. Like... there's the one that's the normal, filtered me. Then there's the one that's me right now, the me me... the one that's talking." To this very day I still don't fully understand how the other me is different from the me me...but I know they're different. It's like one is filtered, and one is not. The high me is the unfiltered version.

    When I came down from my high, I realized that it'd been 4 hours. And that in those 4 hours I'd done nothing but stare at the fire and talk to myself. I didn't do anything to help anyone else or the rest of the world. And, more importantly, the world didn't fall apart when I checked out for 4 hours to get high. Finally I was free. The world doesn't rest on my shoulders, and I'm allowed to make mistakes. And if I do make a mistake, the world won't come crumbling down around me.

    Weed changed me, but so much for the better. I allow myself to be human, and fallable now. That's such a relief, I simply can't explain it. I continue to grow and learn, as we all do. Now my goal is to make the unfiltered (high) me, the regular me, because filtering who you are from the rest of the world is silly and pointless.
  4. around 12 4 me
  5. I liked the smell and I wondered if it tasted good too.
  6. From what I can remember (damn stml) i started around 15. So it's been a decade for me now, lol. :D
  7. Well, some of my friends at school had been smoking and talking about it and i just found it interesting, so one night we were out drinking, someone offered us it and hey presto, we were stoned and couldn't stop laughing,brilliant night.

    But that was the start of a journey that is still going on, don't know if it will ever stop.
  8. i started around 12 cuz some of my friends had tried and said it was good so i did...
  9. Man some of you kids started at 12?

    Back in 83 when i was 12,i never even had time to know what smoke is( to much playing like a kid)
  10. ok haha this thread title seems to be more challenging then i wanted it to be, i wanted to know WHY everyone got started, i also like to know when but thats not as important as why, but hey i like the resonses.
  11. i remember my first time...i was 17...(i was a late bloomer :D)...well anyways i was with my bf at the time...and we went into the park at like 11:30 at night...which at the time was strange...i didn't know he smoked yet...so we went in and sat down on this big rock in the park...he pulls out this pipe and bag...and i was looking thinking "OMG...WTF" ...cuz i was niave (sp?) so then he told me what it was told me that he smoked it since he was 13...and asked me if i wanted to try...i had always been curious...so i tried it...and was ok with it for a few months...then i decided it wasn't ok...and he was selling it which i didn't like at all...so i was against it for about 4 months...i had major issues with him smoking it...but i came to terms with it and have become almost as bad as he was...we may have broken up...but we were still smoking buddies...til he got caught...he is on probation now...but i am saving money and am gonna get him a nice new glass piece and an ounce for when he gets of probation...what a nice ex i am :D
  12. your a lovely ex.
  13. i was an even better gf ;)
  14. I was 15. A few of my friends would joke about about it quite a lot and that got me wondering about it. Plus some reliable sources of info.
  15. i said why i started...i said it was cuz i had always been curious as well as telling the story of the first time i smoked...I answered the question that the title of the thread asked :p

    i even re-iterated (sp?) it :)
  16. I took my first puff at 16. Ever since grade 9 (about 13-14 years old) i knew some of the common knowledge (i guess you could say that) about pot. i knew it wouldn't kill you and that it relaxed you. i wished i smoked that year because of my depression and all that (some family members died that year). then in grade 11 i was offered some. this guy one year older with like 5 or 6 of his class mates passed around about 3 js.. i feel bad that i only wanted one hit (and i exhaled pretty fast i didn't know you had to hold it and inhale, i didn't even know how to inhale properly cuz i had no friends that did it) but it got me pretty buzzed. on the way back home i almost tripped over a couch and i laughed.. today i like to spread the good news when the opportunity arises. when people bash it or say false things they think are facts i correct them . hell i may not be the smartest person either.. i've been that all my life. smoking weed doesn't make you stupid or smarter in my opinion. i've known my graduating high school class almost half of my life and the ones that smoke are just like regular people. the stupid ones were that way since they were kids and the same with the smarter ones.
  17. my first time was at 11-12. my friends older brother had been doin it (we were at his house) and he asked if i smoked and i said "yah" (i didnt...but ya know i wanted to be "cool") so he bassed me the bong, and i just collapsed my fuckin lungs...and then i was completly outta there. i hadnt smoked again until 14. at 14 i found out my other friend did it, so while at my house he pulled out a bowl, and a bag and we toked up. after that time was when i started doin it on my own and everything, and started buyin it (i can sill remember my first time buying it, such a great feeling of acomplishment,at least for me) and so yah
  18. started about 13, and when i bought my first sack... my parents got a hold of it... that blew!
  19. I have had to same friends since i was like 10 theres like 15 of us each of close as hell..... Everone Smokes and always had smoked since they were like 6,10,12,13, ya know those were the ages i rember them saying through stories and stuff.... All started real young... well.... I never smoked pot cuz ya know it was one of the few things i felt proud of .... i could say i dont smoke weed.... Not many people can say that anymore and it was one of the few things i felt like my Parents wanted me not to do.... But since i was like 13 i was always blamed for smoking pot.... cuz of music and the way i dressed as a i kid. About a year ago though my friends had gotten pretty fed up with not smoking, ya know how if someone isnt smoking around you it bothers you.... Well I got Drunk really really good one nite after my 18th birthday....Well At the time i loved to smoke Cigs when drunk.... So my cusion walks up and hands me a CIg and goes here man i feel its time for you to have one.... I was pretty drunk didnt think about it much... So i lite it and started to hit it and CHoked.... They had packed it down.... I looked over and my cusion and was pissed as hell.... I gave it back to him and told him fuck off.... But I JUST SMOKED REEFER!!!! ya know i couldnt say i hadnt smoked it.... cuz i did if anyone ever asked i would have to say i smoked it.... I been around pot since i was 3 when i saw my uncle roll a joint on the hood of truck and then later on seen him get hauled off for growing..... Then at 10 my neighbors started growing and wanted me to smoke with them but i turned that down so much So after that nite i woke up Hung over as hell and Realized i had smoked the nite before and i went like 3 days thinking on it.... I decided this... I smoked weed but i didnt get high but i have to say i smoked even though i didnt get high.... So i might as well try it more.... So next friday when i went to another party one of my friends lite up a blunt in my car as we pulled up and was gonna pass it around and I decided to hit it Boy did i hit it.... I got really really High Cuz i didnt smoke just that but everone pulled out bags cuz I was smoking the guy hasnt smoked since i knew them all and they were happy happy and were just giving me weed. i smoked probally an ounce i was really really high... i have never been higher then that momment and i feel in love with Mary Jane.... I feel like it opened me up i feel like that is what i missing to balance me out.... i dont jumpy anymore and get pissed easy i just chill and smoke my pot.... I feel like when i smoke it i get to think about whats really real and what i should be thinking about all day and dont...
  20. The first time i smoked was with my best freind, i cant remember if it had shocked me when he told me hed been smoking for about 3 months. Anyway he was still a very lightweight smoker, so i decided i wanted to try some, so we shared a joint, amazingly i didnt even cough for my first time smoking anything. We both got pretty lean, i sat there laughing at his eyes for 5 mins and realised what a good feeling it was to be able to laugh at something completely unfunny. He then showed me the wonders of munchies when stoned.........mmmmmmmmm.
    From then on we smoked together till now, i love weed.

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