Why did u pick ur Avatar??

Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. im really bored i thaught this might be cool to ask and see why people have thier avatars, i pickd mine cause its my Fav band, i know most people jst pick theirs cause it looks cool but tel me y u pickd it, why u htink it looks cool.
  2. didn't the guy from marz volta die recently? sucks...

    i made my avatar, because i wanted to be color coordinated... can't make my avatar pulse though, you cont have that big of a file size for avatars..
  3. because freakazoid is incredibly awesome
  4. Tazz and I go back years.. He has been my smoking buddy for a long time!!!!!!

    He kind of reminds me of me!!!!LOL
  5. i picked mine cause i consider it my logo... i drew it in a book, and then i really loved it so much.. so i put it on the comp.

  6. scarily enough whenever i see taz i think of u, lol. because of this lol. i know ppl by their avy when they change them it takes a while for the new one to sink in

    p.s. cowofsteel i still miss silent bob lol. your just not u anymore :p
  7. haha I will switch back yet... but just not yet :D

    I love this one! It's funny as hell, and I do have ADD so it kinda fits. One day though, silent bob shall return! :p
  8. its death, haha been there done that.
  9. I chose mine cuz its my fav movie

  10. I think we all know about yours Sensi!!!!!! LOL

    Yours is the best!!!
  11. i chose mine because it makes me feel like i have the world in my hands, in control, mystical. a fairy, pixie whatever tickles ur fancy.with all the colors in the picture, i just love it:)

  12. for sure! i've always liked that avatar.
  13. Found it the other day on homestar runner. Thought it looked cool.
  14. go's with the name people i know have been calling me Grimlin for the day i crashed my 1st car a bubbdy started calling me it that day and its stuck ....................................

    but i think it should be green right ?¿
  15. i decided to go for a self portrait.

  16. Whoah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    edit: it's the logo for one of my favorite bands: conflict. (an old uk 82 punk band)
  17. if you're talking about your avatar, being green, it'd look like a snake then..... wait, yea that works/. lol

    Ummm,...... I'm not tellin'

    I didn't think mine was trippy, but I made it that... and that one too (below) :D
  18. Goes with the screenname. Also I think orange looks good on green, like the official colors of weed-dom.

    Picture came from the SOHO spacecraft (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory)


    Also, the attached is the avatar I use on my other main message board, and I would use it here if it wasn't too big. MSNBC anchorwoman Chris Jansing.

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  19. One of these guys had a pretty remorseful quote when he gets killed in the RPG he's from.

    Hey, and he's green... what more you ask for

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