Why did this happen?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Nerdrocket, May 14, 2011.

  1. Ok this is my first time seeing this why did this happened?
  2. Please be more vague, you are overwhelming us with details... :rolleyes:
  3. sry they dont look like normal leafs there all clones.
  4. That is wierd....I have one like that right now about 20 in high. I'm growing it out to see what happens, perhaps it's some sort of mutation??

  5. thats what i was thinking i thought maybe it was because some of those were taken while like 1 month into cloning o_O i just hope it doesnt hermi it its getting chopped.
  6. i have a deep purple clone that looks alot like your last pic. not exactly sure. mine was taken a week into flower might be plant stress
  7. all i got to say is keep it looks like my currently dieing mother :( juicey (skunk#1xsweet tooth #3 Xblack domina) got from an old dude whos buddy runs a dispensery in montana
    produces alot of bud not so stinky even when cured and potent as hell the mother ha 3 leaf 3 ets everywhere and 1 leaf set randomly clone look wicked tho need stakes cause stretches sorta and whil snap near end of flowering bout 70 days is good with her :( miss her gave her to a buddy to preserv told him to veg it he budded it :( fucking pill heads
    but :) looks good makes me jelouse :)
  8. You answered your own question. You said they were taken a month into flower? That's why the leaves look like that. The plant stops producing multi-fingered fan leaves so it can concentrate on producing fat buds. Once that clone hits veg, it'll start growing normally again.
  9. Ok thanks guys just wondering first time i have seen that happen those are all black jack and full moon im debating on putting up a journal but i would love to share what i got lol

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