why did this happen to me

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by BoKilla420, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. my plant got stolen last night. When i went to go look at it, it was gone. i need to smoke a few bowls!
  2. Sux man, some people will just take all your shit and they dont give a shit about you

    kick there ass if you ever find out who did it.....and then take all there weed they are the peeps that make it hard on the rest of us
  3. hide it better next time.

    a shame that people do that.
  4. yeah i'll make sure they wont get it this time i'll set booby traps
  5. That sucks man, A friend of mine got a few nice plants stolen, so I know what your going through.
  6. i hid mine so well that the person i had taking care of them couldn't find them, even after being shown twice. so unfortunatly they didn't get the care they deserved. still turned out great though.

    when you go to hide them, look for the sunniest most pain in the ass place you can find, and make an entrance that is kind of hidden. thorns are a great place. just be careful when you go through them.
  7. make a pit with spikes in it!!!!! put voodoo shit all around hang bones and shit in a tree scare the fuck out of the person that trys take it.......he wont do it

    did ya piss anyone off or tell anyone?

  8. Dude i thought he was the asshole that stole some other plant he found, i read that forum
  9. put it in a patch of thorns so if they want it they will have to pay the price

  10. i'll make sure they'll have to pay the price next time if they even get close to it
  11. don't make it too obvious that you are trying to hide something.

  12. I'll note that!
  13. check out my new sticky and look at the security camera for like $100 shipped. Its worth it even if you dont have a big ass grow i bet that person scoutet that plant a few times before and finaly made the plan to rip you while it ws in flower. You would haev known that he knew about it and moved it. you can also make a ghetto one with some string tied to a ree you haev to move to get to yur plaot or something simmilar with a dispsable camera but its a one shot deal. A booby trap will only get you in jail for growing but attempted murder and or sue your ass (only in amrerica land of the free, to fuck each other over)
  14. grow like me and hide them because "you are trying to hide somthing" LOL

    its in a5 gal bucket but its hidden by bushes. I brought my best friend to the spot (only person who knows wher hte plan is and i liek it like that) and he didnt even see it till i pointed it out.

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  15. Poor plant im sure she misses u! Thats why I grow in my closet cos only one thing can take them out and thats me lol.
  16. Same here! I know my plot an not a person has wanderd through there. Ive tracked every footprint, broken stem, ect.
  17. sounds like u didnt hide it well or u went and checked on it to much...

  18. Thats a nice looking bitch you got there but your right about the whole booby trap thing and going to jail. I have a suspect and he hasnt been around for a couple weeks since the plant got stolen im gonna fuck him up and im gonna fuck his shit up too but only if i really knew it was him

  19. yeah she's probably out there getting smoked right now. BASTARDS!!

  20. You got your shit stolen too man??

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