why did they hermi

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  1. what are all possible reason anyone know that plants can hermi, i am a farely advanced grower and this is the first time i have had this problem, and has anyone flowered out a hemi?
  2. often plants herm from stress
    light leeks
    photo period interuption
    over ripening ( used by soma to make xx pollin)

    But plants will also herm if they have the genetic predipositoin to do so. Is it possable the strain wasn't sexualy stable to began with? Are then seed or clone? in or out?

    More often then not hermis are from light disturbances, or junk genetics.

    NOTE: "feminized" seeds are not suitable for an F2 crop! they will always have a tendency to blow banannas because they were grown from xx cromisone pollin!

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