Why did the main branch not split after topping?

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  1. I recently topped some plants. On 3 of them I left a very short piece of the main stem, on 1 of them(my smallest), I cut right at the nodes, leaving barely, if any main stem above the nodes. This one plant's main branch did not split after topping, instead, the main stem just grew back as normal.

    What could caust the main branch to not split after topping?
  2. How long ago did you top them?

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  3. 3 1/2 weeks, the others already split nicely with new growth.
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    When u top them they get out of balance kinda, its normally straight up so its centered , so it cant hold the weight on both sides, so it splits, So when you snip start at bottom on first node, snip one side, not both, move up the next node snip the one 90 degrees from last snip, one side only again, move up to node 3 , again snip the one 90 degrees, one side only, next one number 4 , move 90 degrees again, snip one node.. OK so now at number 5 you top it, snip the top one, you need at least 5 sets of leaf to do this,. so you kinda spiral your way up from the bottom if that makes sense. So what you get is a upside down lookin xmas tree shape and your plant will be balanced and not split, you will also get a better yield... :)

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