Why did the chicken cross the road?

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  1. >To get to the the other side

    The other side refers to death, the chicken "crossed" over, meaning it dies on the way. The chicken crossed the road to die, presumably getting hit by a car.

    That is the real point of the joke, I just blew your mind.
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  3. hell of a theory :smoking:
  4. fuck a fuckin' chicken mayne
  5. Knock knock

    Who's there

    Is actually about a young woman that answered the door and got brutally beaten then raped. Her body got chopped up into little bits then hidden under the stairwell

    That's the actual meaning
  6. So three guys walk into a bar.

    This joke is actually about 3 jewish men walking into a gas chamber in Auschwitz.
  7. This is old as hell..
  8. Wait... what if that was the REAL meaning of it the entire time..??? We've just been fooling ourselves into thinking it is literal about the other side...
  9. [quote name='"Vicious"']

    >To get to the the other side

    Who are you quoting?


    He's quoting someone, cuz I am almost positive I've seen this worded jus like this before.

    Still a cool concept nonetheless.
  10. The "&" sign, also known as "Ampersand," resembles a man dragging his buttocks across the floor.

    Or, from a different perspective, it might resemble a half-eaten pretzel.. Well, sort of.
  11. i was gonna say to fuck an asian prostitute guess i was wrong.
  12. what did the chicken leave a suicide note?
  13. [quote name='"veinte uno"']what did the chicken leave a suicide note?[/quote]

    No. He just killed himself. Selfish poultry bastard.
  14. Lol why? To meet his dealer, of course!
  15. why did the chicken cross the playground?

    To get to the other slide! :D
  16. The chicken crossed the road because it fucking wanted to!


  17. \ re-opened.

    Chicken is fucking delicious. Also, one of the coolest blades in town. lol
  18. Shit. I just realized that sounded like I meant "chicken" the blade was delicious. I can assure you I've never tasted the "chicken", I meant the bird....
  19. I have a bag full of chickens in my freezer that crossed that road.

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