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why did snoop dogg microwave his blunt?

Discussion in 'General' started by Solid State Society, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. I was watching this Nardwuar interview with Snoop Dogg and during the interview snoop dogg rolled a blunt and microwaved it for 11 seconds. WTF?

    What does that do?
  2. it reduces thc content thats for sure.
  3. Because he wanted to drop it like it's hot.
  4. It makes hot pockets smell like weed.

    He could have been trying to dry it or he could have been trying to decarboxylize the THCA which would be pointless because he's lighting the thing on fire anyway.
  5. Actually it increases it.

    It activates the dormant THC in the marijuana. Why he does this for a blunt I dont know but it is the first step in making edibles.
  6. It's called toasting a blunt, but I do it with my lighter. Microwaving it sounds retarded.

    Though I guess when you live like a baller...
  7. like someone else already said, if anything the heat would increase the thc content.

  8. Interesting. Thanks for the tip dude. I'll try that out tomorrow when I roll my wake 'n bake blunt. :smoke:
  9. This doesn't sound right?
  10. To get to the other side?

    Okay, maybe this doesn't apply here.
  11. lmfao :D
  12. haha i thought that the post was gonna be an answer to the title like that haha
  13. fo'drizzle!

  14. well i thought there was one reason but i guess two!

    reason 1: what do you do to get your blunt to stick? lick the thing! putting it in the microwave dries it out evenly (atleast more than with ya lighter) for a slower burn. honestly after i'm done throwing my blunt in the microwave (i use 11 seconds too but had no idea snoop did lol :smoke:) i put it in the freezer for like ten minutesish. i usually just take a shit get a drink or something. then smoke it!!!

    reason 2: makes the thc better!
  15. It does seem a little contradictory when you are rolling a blunt, but are you gonna tell him he doesnt know what hes doing?

    Its the only thing I can think of why he is doing it.
  16. Regardless, snoop dogg obviously would know what he's doing...
  17. My friend started doing this when he couldnt seal the blunt properly...now he does it every time and the blunts are always warm and toasty
  18. If all the bud was warmer then maybe it would burn faster, giving him a bigger hit. I dunno. But yeah he knows what he's doing.

    I'm seeing Snoop Dogg in concert tomorrow, I'll try and ask him. :smoke:
  19. I found the reason...

    He only like hot breakfast!!!
  20. a friend of mine used to do this, then throw it in the deep freeze for 5 min or so.
    i dont know wtf it did, if anything. made the blunt smoke kinda like a cig though.

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