Why did my last harvest..

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  1. why did the bud smell like nothin but grass... no sense of skunky smell at all..
  2. Do you have any idea what strain it was or was it just some bagseed? The smell ganja emits while flowering is based all on genetics and has nothing to do with how you grow it.
  3. I've been having that same issue w/ a strain called "Smoothie". It's a Blueberry X SoMango cross. Smells like grass. The harvests have varied signifigantly from high yielding dense colas to fluffy no-meat buds. At this point I'm convinced the strain has some genetic's issues. Thoughts?
  4. how long did you flower the plant?
    How long did you dry it?
    and how long was your cure?

  5. Those are 3 questions that need to be answered before you go any further
    And those 3 things are the most important parts to make sure you have not only a decent amount of buds with a good bag appeal but also making sure they smell,taste, and smoke good.
  6. 8-9.5 weeks of flower. Seed pack said 55-65 days. My past experience w/ blueberry had provided harvests in the 47-52 day range. The Blueberry characteristics of this strain are not that prevalant.

    7-10 days of dry time
    7 days of cure.

    It's great for carrying and for inhouse visitors w/ a lack of smell, but for selling it takes some convincing. My old standby for purchasing was that if I can smell it in your pocket, it's good enough for me.
  7. 7 days to cure is too short. a good cure last months, but you should get the taste and smell with about 31 days.

    The bud needs time after its be dry for something to happen ( im not too sure what but im know someone knows) for the smell to come, and it normally appears within 2 week.

    I hope that helps.
  8. why does the plant smell dank when its 7 weeks into flowering, cuz mines 7 weeks in and smells really not like grass at all , will this same thing happen to me when i harvest mine, and when you hang the buds to dry should they be completely dry before you put them in the airtight jars
  9. sweet thread hijack dawg!
  10. bud on the stock and cut bud are 2 different things in my eyes. casue once it gets cut its a whole new ball game.

    Curing The Crop

    Immediately after the harvest comes the cure. The reasons for curing and not just quick drying your crop are to make the herb sweet smelling and smokable.
    You want it mild not harsh and you want a good smell and flavor. After all that work don't ruin it with a too quick cure. A good cure lasts for from 3 to 8 weeks but good results can be had in two weeks or so.
    The idea is to remove the water slowly enough to let biological processes take place that convert the sugars and starches into harmless and flavorful compounds. Sugar or starch will give a harsh smoke that hurts the lungs.
    Plants need sugars to live on and they produce them from fertilizer and sunlight. This curing process also breaks down some of the chlorophyll which give herb it's green color. Too much chlorophyll gives an unwanted leafy taste.

  11. IMO it takes at least 2 weeks of curing to get rid of the hay smell and start getting to the true smell/flavor/buzz. Some strains can take much longer to reach their true potential. After dozens of grows it still amazed me how much of a difference a good cure makes as far as smell and potency.

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