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Why did my joint burn incredibly fast?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pleasedeleteme, May 26, 2010.

  1. It seemed like it burned in less than a minute. It was my first one, and I don't understand why it burned so fast. When I've smoked joints in the past it lasted much longer. It still got me extremely baked, but Was it possibly because it wasn't packed tight enough? It was really sloppy. But hell, it was my first.

    Or am I just stoned and it always burns fast, lol.
  2. It was probably too loose.
  3. Too loose or not packed tight enough. Plus, joints do burn FAST. Those two combined could have led to a quick demise.
  4. Ya figured it out yourself.........too loose:smoke:
  5. lol I used to do that all the time. Most likely you just did not roll it tight enough. Usually gaps between the herb and the paper cause it to burn quicker. I'm no scientist, so i'm not gonna make shit up..haha but just next time make sure to use a poker, and compress and pack the gummy (herb) to the bottom. But try not to do it so much that you can't even hit it. That's just my 5 cents. But you'll get it in time :smoke:
  6. Practice makes perfect. Practice practice practice

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