Why did my bong come with 5-arms? not 3?

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  1. Im not saying this is bad guys haha but i recently ordered the messias illusion single perc 18.8 and it got delayed for about 2 weeks but after that it got to me in 2 weeks. Its here now and i opened it but it has 5 arms instead of 3. It said it was a 3 arm perc in the description and it showed even a pic of 3 arms. No idea why mine came with 5 but maybe it has something to do with the delayed time? Maybe its a new model? whatever the case im very happy this happened but why did it? LOL
  2. lol id say its because ur #1

  3. Lol maybe >.>
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    WS has been changing there production line. evidently everythign is now a 4 or 5 arm tree and they are all opened

    GC just doesnt always update there product descriptions.

    GC has a great selection and prices, but they have horrible updates on their products, as well as awful arrangement of there products.

    Grats man, If i had the money I'd probably buy that myself. but Im saving up for GC's bongs when they come out

    As well as the Mentalist from WS and there new Circ pre-cooler

    The mentalist is just a modified tube.

    A simple straight tube, with a J joint mouth piece as apposed to just a straight tube.

  5. Thanks for the information bro its greatly appreciated.

    But hell yes! I guess all that waiting has payed off :) Do you like straight tubes more than any tubes with percs?
  6. u got lucky bruh!

    they love you.

    mmm mmm mmm.

  7. Ill be sure to post some milks guys. Give you a little behind the scenes presentation :smoke:

  8. Actually I dont like straight tubes lol

    I love beakers because i need BIG HITS to get where I need to be. and I cant stand pulling smoke slowly into my lungs because of the lack of volume straight tubes offer.

    IM going to get there inline beaker bong thats comming out. I completely for got that i decided on that piece lol!

  9. Ive got a thing for beakers to man, they always get the job done right :smoke:
    and i havent seen it but nice man! go for it!
  10. Heres one pic i took with my phone as i was takin a hit.

    Toke 1.jpg
  11. Toke 2.JPG

    Heres another in better quality as well. :smoke:

  12. Most people hate WS here, so dont expect anything lol.

    Soon as that bad boy is in the GC shop

    It will be on its way to me.

    I camp this website when they are updating there products >___>

    I bought the Epic pre-cooler 5 mins after it was posted on the shop lol

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  13. Yeah lots of haters haha but ive also had people appreciate :) That looks pretty nice man, be sure to post some pics. Ive never been a fan of inline but i guess i cant say anything unless i hit it first :p. Hahah i havent seen it
  14. Where did you find that weedstar inline? That thing looks fuckin sick. I want one.
  15. That weedstar stemless beaker is INSANE. they need to learn to grid and then i can buy a new bong with a good reason lol.

    but yea good shit OP, got real lucky, gotta love getting hooked up unexpectedly

  16. Agreed! :smoke:

  17. Dude you dont even know

    WS has a fucking brand new INSANE line up

    I think they released 6 brand new designs

    New 6 arm downstem, new circ AC, and they upgraded all there old models to have an...........eye in them for some reason

    All can be found as the WS website.

    But I do not recommend shopping from that website, they check out screen isnt HTTPS format

    Just wait till they hit GC then you can get the 10% discount code baby!

  18. Hahaha siiick! Im glad i got one of the new models myself! :smoke:

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