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why did I puke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by b-owlpack, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. the other week I was hanging out with my friend & we smoked a blunt we each had half obviously. I've smoked way more than that before but I was never that high & I ended up puking. I was wondering why I got so high & puked after only half a blunt when I've smoked way more & have been fine with it.
  2. Multiple factors to consider but one theory is that you might have swallowed the smoke. Blunt smoke is pretty harsh due to the tobacco content and doesn't settle well in the stomach. 
  3. There's tobacco in blunt wraps. That's probably why. Cannabis generally suppresses nausea.
    ^this. the wrap itself is probably the culprit.  usually happens to new tokers.
  5. yeah I've heard that that's why I was confused. do you know why I got so high though? I was like delusional & could hardly walk straight
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    Have you had a break from smoking MJ?
  7. well not since that day, I've smoked every day after that & that was about a month & a half or so ago & I've been fine ever since
  8. sorry, I meant before you smoked that blunt
  9. oh well I didn't smoke for a couple weeks but then I smoked like everyday a week before that
  10. Probably 'cause you can't handle you smoke.  No big, but I wouldnt go around telling people you puke when you smoke.  They won't wanna smoke with you
    Or they're smoke with you TRYING to make you puke
  11. Then I think that you body was not used to it and you smoked like you were when you were smoking everyday. Basically smoked too much haha
  12. Better weed, more than you're used to, your tolerance is low.

    Lots of possible reasons. If you're new to smoking try smoking out of a pipe where you can take one hit and wait 10 minutes, then take another if you want it.
  13. Could be many reasons, the most common are;

    1) too much smoke. - alright man come on we know you smoke everyday like all of us, but that's an excessive amount that probably wasted a ton of green.

    2) tobacco - did you roll the blunt with tobacco? That shit is hella harsh or the wrap itself contains a bunch of harsh gross chemicals.

    3) you swallowed the smoke - ok this sucks! Happend to everyone when they were a rookie. But hey you probably Inhaled some hahah.

    Hope these answered your questions mate.

    Best buds for life.
  14. Everyone has pretty much covered it. It's either very high quality weed or you swallowed the smoke
  15. I've been smoking for three years & I had never puked until that day .

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  16. If you aren't new to smoking you probably swallowed the smoke as others said.
    That makes you feel like you're gonna puke and sometimes you do, other times you just burp the smoke out
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    ive puked one time after i smoked like .5 in one sitting within 10 minutes when i was new at smoking. about 5 minutes later i threw up then afterwards i felt fine and enjoyed myself :)
  18. I feel bad for those who puked, nobody should have to go through that. especially when dealing with the sweet herb. ^^
    Vomiting increases the intensity of all intoxication...
    It makes it stronger because vomiting is a release of endorphins and makes the blood run faster, it's a complex system that ends up with more substance passing the Blood Brain Barrier.
  20. I agree with this. Multiple psychonautic adventures have involved puking and then off to wonderland.

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