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Why did I get high randomly?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Nicole311, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Yesterday I was smoking some bud that's a higher quality than what I usually get. It got me really high and I went to sleep. This morning I wake up at 7 and don't feel high at all, so I go to school. Then, in class at about 10 I feel high randomly. Is this weird? I've also had my high last 2 days from the same bud.
  2. When I first started smoking weed I would sometimes experience what you're feeling. Usually early during school at about 10 like you said I'd start feeling pretty high again. Not like I had just smoked a bowl, but more of an afterglow. It happened to me probably 5 times total. As you start smoking more and your body becomes more used to weed, you'll stop encountering this.
  3. yeah that happens, when i smoke for the first time, i was high from like 6pm till midnight, and then the nextday i had an afterglow all day.
  4. I know that feel man, I used to get it in class all the time last year.
  5. My first week smoking, about the 3rd time I smoked, I woke up the day after immediately still feeling the high. And I had at least 6 hours of sleep too.
  6. Nothing weird about it. It's extremely common when you first start smoking, after long t-breaks, or on stronger weed than youre used to, like you said. I forget the term for it, but it happens to a lot of people. Sometimes you fall asleep and wake up high, other times you fall asleep and wake up fine and feel high later in the day.
  7. That happened to me so often when I started. Like everyone else has said, it's completely normal. I love that feeling :D
  8. Enjoy it! It's a free inconspicuous high :).
  9. its not really a high lol its like just a good feeling its one of the best parts about smokin weed nd u get more off danks
  10. when i first started smoking and not everyday, a few days after some smoking i would get this weird "off" feeling. not high but off, but calm. now, recently i quit smoking everyday and now i get this uplifting clear short orgasm like high on days im not high. btw im so high
  11. What your body does after it circulates THC and the other cannabinoids is stores it in fat. If you are a new person to smoking, a person who just took a T-Break, or someone who intakes more than they are used to, when your body starts to burn fat, the THC gets released back into your system and is strong enough to give you another high. :wave:
  12. ah yes.. when I was toking up daily my friends told me it made no difference if I came high or sober to school.. I always looked high haha

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