Why did California vote against pot?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bluephoria, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Here a few years ago California voted on Prop 19, which was about the legalization of recreational marijuana. 52% of Californians still voted against it.

    Why do you think despite California's reputation as a progressive state the slight majority voted against pot for recreational use? Even in places like San Francisco it was still 40% voting against pot's legalization, even places like Santa Cruz too.

    Also would you befriend somebody who would vote against pot's legalization anyways, or generally anti-pot?
  2. prop 19 was too dank that people got stoned just from reading it, and then they forgot to vote Yes.
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  3. The money makers in medical marijuana fought that shit hard. Hopefully the next will be passed, but not if its going to take growers rights from us and give it to a few huge grows.
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  4. We have alot more old people and conservative voters than people realize. Also, prison unions and pharmaceutical companies continually support it being kept illegal.
  5. That's how it goes usually. Most states take a couple of elections before they get the right bill out there that gets passed. Here in Oregon it took us a few times too, but each time it got closer and closer.
  6. Norcal economic collapse plays into it aswell much better money to be made as a illegal grower and it literally supports the economy of Humboldt mendiceno and trinity it's like being legal without restrictions of being legal

    Big brother is watching
  7. We are fighting ourselves.
  8. I would not even be surprised if it did pass but all the dollars coming in said it didnt.. The prison system alone is very lucrative and obviously mmj is cutting out huge profits for the pharma companies.

    Yeah, i'm of the opinion shit is so corrupt that even if it did pass they would say it didnt.
  9. What is so different from cali and the states that are legal now? I would think every state is dealing with corruption and whatnot.
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