Why did all my plants start flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by SmokeyDreamz, May 26, 2009.

  1. I put out a few clones and a couple extra mothers and everyone is flowering now. The two larger ones already have decent nugs and look like they only have a month or so left. My light cycle is 18/6. I wanna know why my plants aren't vegging more after I put them out? I want my plants to grow large not just start budding.
  2. I lol'd so hard at this, I can just imagine me planting outside, I go to check on them a month later and their budding and me going WTF is this shit!?
  3. possibly an autoflower strain?
  4. You didnt match your inside lighting to the light schedule of the day you put them outside.

    You have not paid attention to your Photoperiod and now your paying for it.
  5. You had them on 18/6 then dramatically reduced their light hours.
  6. So next time I should drop the light cycle down slowly before putting them out? If so then how much and how long?
  7. Some strains don't take photo period change as well as others. Pluck the herb you can from around the base of the growing tips(DO NOT CUT THE MAIN STEM OFF JUST THE POPCORNS!)and then let the plants reveg over summer and bud again in the fall. Don't worry. The plants will definately look funny spitin' out one bladed leaves for a bit then three,five seven and so on. The only advatage to this is the plants will stretch and put on lots of future bud sites if you properly trim off all the old growth at the right time. I did this one year for a buddy that was about to trash his plants because of the same problem. And he still got some awesome second harvest nugs.(Just way less in total yeild for his error. Hell, I've had plants do that to me before as well. That's why it's wise to grow many and different kinds as well. Trial and error. No worries.
  8. no reducing the light from 18 hours a day will make em flower.... you have to match your indoor light houres to yuor outdoor light hours.... if its gonna be 15 hours of light a day outside.. set your box from start to at 15 houres a day....
  9. Just leave them then harvest a bunch of the nugs. Then let them reveg and you'll get a second harvest in october!:smoking:

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