Why Deus Ex is the best game of all time...

Discussion in 'General' started by RedLikeSun, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. This is my favorite game of all time, and I just played it while high for the first time recently. My experience...

    (MASSIVE story spoilers ahead, just in case you care)

    So there I was, in Majestic 12's ultra-secret Hong Kong lab.

    The year is 2052, Majestic 12 is a secret organization trying to take power in the chaos of a global disaster they are creating. I am JC Denton, a genetically engineered nano-augmented agent they have created, the second prototype of a would-be MJ12 elite force. But my eyes have been opened to their trechery, and I'm determined to stop that from happening.

    Slowly I approach the doors to inner facility, always cautious of who or what might be around the next corner. I push the button on the door to open it, and it slides down with a loud mechanical racket. As it opens, another door rises out of the floor before me, and another behind. I continue foreward, getting the point that I'm really, really not supposed to be here. The multi-stage airlock doors add to the gravity of the earth-shattering programs that go on behind them.

    I sneak along to the room at the end of that hall. On each side there are stairs that go to a lower level, and a security computer is on a podium in the middle. The place is swimming with nanotech. There are windows in the ceiling that a sparkling blue pattern flows across. I had seen the same pattern in the augmentation canisters I had used before, filled with the millions of microscopic machines that rebuild my body from the inside to give me superhuman abilities. As I creep down the stairs, I take note that on the landing on each side is a ventilation maintenance door.

    At the bottom of the stairs, there is a door that closes off access to the next area. A long, transparent ramp that hinges down to close off the doorway diagonally. Looking through it, though keeping close to the edges to maintain a low profile, I see two security bots.

    These security bots are basically just miniguns with legs, about seven feet tall. (See attached image).

    I go back up to the ventilation shaft doors. One is unlocked, but goes nowhere. The other requires two disposable lockpicks to open. No problem, I have plenty. I pick it and step down into the narrow tunnel. I use my light augmentation to see my way in the shaft. Crawling down it, I find a door that's right on top of the guarded room. I can just barely see one of the bots out through the grating, but right below me is an armored guard pacing back and forth. At the least, two bots and an armored guard, two methods of ingress. The only way I've gotten as far as I have was to assess each obstacle and determine the safest, most effective course of action. I make another one of those decisions, open the door, and drop in a scrambler grenade.

    The light augmentation uses bioluminescent cells in the retinas to emit visible light.

    Scrambler grenades broadcast a signal that acts like a computer virus. It makes bots temporarily reverse their alliance, treating allies as enemies.

    The grenade goes off, and the bots jump into action, each having just "discovered" an enemy bot and soldier right in front of it. The guard, despite his armor, doesn't last long being caught between the two turrets. He falls to the floor, and the bots turn their guns on each other. They're quite resiliant to bullets, so they just stand there, unloading their ammunition in a maelstrom of gunfire pops and metallic ricochets. From my vantage point I can't see the action directly, but I can see the stream of shell casings from one of them hitting the same spot on the floor, making a pile. Finally one's armor is compromised in the and it explodes. I am now confident that the surving bot, no longer "scrambled", is the only remaining enemy unit in the room.

    I go back up to the security computer, hack the terminal, and raise the ramp. The bot has been seriously weakened, so I load sabot rounds into my assault shotgun. Peeking over the doorway, I see it facing me, but it doesn't detect me yet. I only had to discharge two rounds from the fully-automatic "street sweeper" before it exploded. It didn't get a single shot off.

    I walk into the room, cautious as always. Black scorch marks and twisted chunks of metal litter the floor. Ahead lies a dead scientist, a casualty of the assault. Damn, I could've used her for information, she might have been cooperative.

    The end wall of the room is a big window, overlooking a giant, cylindrical bay. Catwalks are strung high above, leading to a box-like room suspended from the ceiling. I look down I see the UC itself, the universal constructor that MJ12 has been using to manufacture the Gray Death virus that has ravaged humanity itself. It's what the Daedalus AI wants me to destroy.

    I can hear the metallic tapping of spider bots' little legs scurrying about, so I reload my shotgun and start heading down...


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  2. Dude, Post a spoiler warning!
    Believe it or not, other people may not have played this game!
    I did, and beat it, but jeez, dont give away key parts like this without putting *SPOILERS* in the title.

    ...wouldn't have wanted anyone to tell me that before I beat it.
  3. Loved the game loved your story aswell, described that bit well...

    Gonna have to install again...

    I wonder is the game any good high>?
  4. Halo is the greatest game of all time.

    Until Halo 2 comes out at least.

    But that's cool about Deux Ex. I shall have to check it out.

  5. I'll go ahead and add another to the title.

    Edit: So it changes the subject IN the thread, but not the title of the topic in the "General" forum... oh well.

  6. halo is good if u ahve people to play against other wise the game just sucks. i dont like it at all

    deus ex, ive heard the first was alot better then the second, and in the second they have a sweet ass engine but the look is jst cold and not that open at all, its a good engine gone to waste, but these are jst my opinions

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