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Why culdn't exhale smoke when I used a bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by @Adict, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. I bought my first bong and me and my friends smoked from it.The first time was great,but the second time I inhaled and couldn't exhale.There was tobaco mixed in with the weed,culd that be the cause?Thank you for any anwsers!
  2. What do you mean by "couldn't" exhale? This would mean that surely by now you haven't inhaled O2 again and you would be dead....?
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  3. Are you sure you inhaled?
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  4. I couldn't exhale right away,I got lightheaded and dizzy then I slowly cought out the smoke in the span of 3-4min.
  5. Yes,I culdn't exhale right away.I got realy dizzy and light headed and in the span of 3-4 min cought out the smoke.
  6. You more than likely swallowed the smoke instead of you inhaling, did you hit The bong hard? And why tf are you mixing tobacco with weed In a bong shits nasty AF next time roll a spliff with the tobacco and weed.
  7. That is probably it,beause what I remember was burping out some smoke,I am a noob at this.Thanks for the anwser,the experienc realy scared me.
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  8. I feel u man.
    I remmember times when i was new to bongs and i used to smoke too much and my body just denied to exhale, like you freezed and could not move, or exhale, which resulted in smoke staying in lungs for about 10 sec until my body chilled out.
    I got the biggest brainfreeze from it tho.

  9. I've swallowed smoke myself a few Times its not the nicest

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