why cigarettes just fail

Discussion in 'General' started by themeltdown, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. explain.
  2. am i missing something?
    and on a side note, ive gone 3 days so far with out a cigerette. trying to quit for good.
  3. cartoon?
  4. haha i love when stupid misspellings happen. talk about targeting minors lol.
  5. If you're talking about the mispelling that has nothing to do with the actual tobacco company themselves. It's an error caused by the people who designed and made the sign.
  6. yeah, it says marlboro cartoon instead of carton if you didnt catch it
  7. HA hghgkhkh
  8. FUCK i snapped, smoked a cig damn i suck at life. :(
  9. Who would buy a carton of Marlboro's anyway?
  10. Sounds like some employee either fucked up or made a good joke
  11. Carton of Smokin' Joes. ^ past that post there, to starsky
  12. i dont get it...
  13. Above the door. "Marbloro Cartoon [then assuming the price is behind the pillar there]"

    should be "Marlboro Carton [price(hidden)]"
  14. hahahah awesome! :hello:
  15. looks like we gota young jeff foxworthy on our hands..:cool:
  16. Yeah. Barely worth sharing. [Meaning picture]
  17. It's a scheme to get children to smoke


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