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Why cant you talk about other drugs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlowinHaze, Aug 1, 2012.

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  1. It would totally change the vibe, I am sure many ,like myself, would not visit this site if it were not marijuana exclusive.
  2. I'm even too scared to talk about vitamins on this 4um
  3. we should at least be able to talk about crack
  4. [quote name='"Omega369"']I'm even too scared to talk about vitamins on this 4um[/quote]

    LOL! V
  5. I would leave if we were allowed to talk about other drugs. Acid and shrooms are fine, but could you imagine all the pill poppers?

    "Uhhhh if I take this blue one I found in my drawer, and did this with it, will I die?" :rolleyes:

    I hate pill poppers as you can probably tell.

  6. yeah i think acid and shrooms should be aloud. i dont do them but the stories people write about them always make me lol

  7. now you're just trollin' bro

    like really?

  8. Bluelight if you gotta talk about any drug in the world.

  9. Stop questioning it damn. You cant because its against the rules end of story, it dosent need to make sense if you dont like it leave..
  10. I think we should be allowed to talk about over the counter medication
  11. No. :mad:
  12. Probably because this is a marijuana forum and that's already illegal so why bring more unnecessary attention by discussing other illegal substances?

    This thread will be closed idk why you posted this
  13. We actually ARE allowed to discuss HEAVY drugs -cigarettes/tobacco for of the heaviest, nastiest, most addictive drugs known to man. And of the biggest (if not THE biggest) recreational-use deadly drugs in existence.
  14. well those are legal for people over 18 so obviously we can talk about them...

  15. Attention from who?
  16. Because grasscity is a cannabis forum?
  17. Lol, this thread... I bet half of these posters are gonna get infracted..

    And btw, saying "I think we should be able to talk about ____ & _____" Is just as bad as actually discussing it... So several of you are in the red here...
  18. We have answered this question WAY too many times already - it gets really annoying. In any case, review the threads in either Pandora's or Feedback Forum.

    Umm kay?

    And it's not coming back.
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