Why can't the mind grasp consciousness?

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  1. Why can't the mind grasp consciousness?

    Why not ask why Peng goes instead?
  2. mabey im too high right now but that was a really awsome story. we should make it into a movie or somthing...

    if i remember, later i will respond back with somthing way more on topic.
  3. Diogenes was asked, "What is the difference between life and death?

    "No difference."

    "Well then, why do you remain in this life?"

    "Because there is no difference."
  4. I think the better question is why can't the mind grasp the sub consciousness.

  5. My mind can't grasp why you believe "better" exists when this is all there is.
  6. The mind can grasp the consciousness. It is through mindfulness that you can achieve it. Only when you ask why can you understand.
  7. I understand that perspective, but I do not agree. We're always asking why just to give ourselves the breathing space to realign our perspective, i.e. to adapt. But our nature is infinite, free, and without cause. It arises spontaneously like all things we experience. Those who ask why now are the same those who will ask why tomorrow.

    Nothing needs to be achieved or attained. Or else you would miss the potential which which you could do so, which is always there when you surrender to it.
  8. Consciousness belongs to the body as well!
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    I understand the grasp of consciousness to be awareness of reality in all of your physical and mental senses. To grasp consciousness one must remove self from mind to see the single consciousness that connects all living things. Like rhythm said, it is achieved through enlightenment and understanding. Many concepts and functions depend on the extent of our grasp on consciousness, just as some rely on lack of grasp. Because we have a different way of thinking, you will be able to understand certain things that I may never be able to, and vice-versa.

    You have a very unique perspective bka. Though it is unique in that I do not believe many others have as bleak an outlook. :p

    Still- I give credit where credit is due. You are waaay outside the box- and I can dig it. :cool:
  10. Yes! :D Nice.

    The way you know someone else feels you is when you feel joy. :) And yeah, admittedly I'm outside the box. Most people fully within themselves are. :p Try fitting effortlessly into a point.

    What do you see as bleak in my outlook? I know others catch positive vibes from me.
  11. Why does the cicada laugh at the penguin?
  12. It's not that I'm getting bad vibes from you, not at all! In fact I wish you were here in my living room in person to smoke this bowl with me and discuss philosophies. :)

    These points illustrate your perspective well. The reason I see them as bleak is only because my perspective is different (which is not to say it is correct). Just as you might see my beliefs in predestination, divine purpose, and meaningful achievement to be overly positive or hopeful. We all experience consciousness in a different way, defining our own concepts of truth and life.
  13. Consciousness is most comparable to the inner workings of a computer, since you are part of that, in it and of it, its hard to comprehend exactly how to define or describe it. Look up Terence Mckenna he's got some good ideas on the subject of consciousness.:smoking:
  14. because the penguin looks goofy of course.

    and who says consiousness belongs to the body? maybe the body belongs to the consiousness.
  15. or maybe the body is just a vessel for consciousness to pass through, using it as a tool to expand until it no longer can operate... it existed before and after the body.
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    Good point. Which brings up the age-old question: At what point does consciousness cease?

    Is the body the only vessel of consciousness? Does it need a vessel (manifested in soul)?

    Ah, you said it before I could. :p I agree. Strange that we both used the term 'vessel'.
  17. Why do you laugh at the ant running into your shoe who is working so hard FOR SOME REASON?

    True, except some of us don't define or separate, except in order to reach someone else. Definitions get stale in one's own mind (but the mind won't admit this).

    Terence McKenna is great! :D Yeah, he's one of those people who bridges the gap between him and not-him (you, me, and everybody).

    To what does anything belong other than itSelf?
  18. imo in this dimension the body is a vessel simply to perform material tasks, containing a soul, but not limited to coniosuness from the soul. the same way we have cosmic rays bombarding our tiny planet, i believe we have waves of consiousness passing through at all times as well. these waves help us see things in different perspective, as we get a taste of our own higher dimensional thought processes.

    edit: what exactly is "self" ?
  19. Let go of exactly.

    How about I give you the metaphorical truth...

    Self is spaciousness.
  20. deoxy.org has loads of Terence Mckenna info along with Timothy Leary. But be warned that site is a mindfuck:eek:

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