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Why can't some people enjoy ganja?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by OtherWorldlyGuy, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. I would like to know, what are some of you blades opinons on why some people cant relax enough to enjoy the buzz that ganja gives? Why are there people who smoke get uncomfortable, panicky, etc? This doesn't include people with mental disorders. My theory is below.

    I think that weed in a way forces you to be happy and be in the moment; weed can't make people uncomfortable. Bud also makes people more aware of themselves... but in that is where I think the discomfort begins. I think that people in modern day western society don't know how to be happy anymore, or be in the moment. I even had a theory that on some level it's considered wrong to be happy by some people, like if your happy, people will become envious of you and attack you on a psychic level (I hope that makes sense lol). Society wants to create these flesh robots with no feeling one way or the other. Then it hit me! People don't enjoy weed because it's basically condemned (on an unconscious level) to be happy and content in the the moment, which is exactly what ganja offers.

    When I use the herb I am happy and more authentic, I can't be that way sober. Sober I can honestly say I feel conditioned to be be a sheep in the flock. But the more I use weed the more I express myself and think, "fuck the popular opinion". So yeah people can't handle being happy, therefore there is no way said person could enjoy the high marijuana gives. I think if people who can't handle weed let go of this sort of invisiblie stigma about enjoying yourself and realize nothing bad is going to happen to them then i think everyone on earth could use bud and have no adverse mental reactions which could benefit them in the long run whether sober or high.:smoking:
  2. Because it's illegal. People become paranoid.
  3. I was hoping for something a little more complex... but ok.
  4. Wait what haha?

    You can't just assume weed has the same effect on every single person. Some people might not like it because they feel they need to be in complete control. Some people might not like it because they feel it makes them lazy. Some people might not like it because the people around them are judgmental of it. There are plenty of reasons dude
  5. weed from mexico have chemicles that make you feel nervous, its illegal so you feel nervous, smoking weed dont feel like anything in legal states
  6. This may be difficult for you to grasp by the tone of your post but there are quite a few people in the world that are perfectly happy to go about their lives sober. Your statement could mean exactly the same thing if you inserted any drug in place of weed and made it spoken by a user of another intoxicant; it would be true to them.

    Seems to me to be an extremely narrow viewpoint on the subject.

    Really not trying to start a heated arguement but instead pushing the conversational envelope.
  7. "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself"

    -Bob Marley

    You experience a deeper, more thoughtful introspection, both inwardly and outwardly when you Kaze.
  8. I used to know a Japanese chap. He told me that some Japanese have a genetic difference that means that cannabis doesn't affect them. Needless to say the first chance I got I asked him to prove it and made sure he smoked enough to get an elephant high. He was telling the truth.

    I agree with nate. Many people have no need to alter their consciousness, and many have no wish to. For the latter, some of that is fear, and some of that is having tried it under dubious circumstances where they got to feel the fear right from the off. But even though using MJ is not like having a little bit of heroin, many people just don't like the feeling it produces.
  9. Some smoke weed, some drink a bottle.

    Some prefer a sober mind

    To each, his own..

  10. It was a dumb question really. Does everyone drink alcohol? Does everyone eat meat? People have different tastes.
  11. ^I don't think that's what the OP was asking... the question is why do some people get paranoid when they smoke...

    I don't think that paranoia very often has anything to do with it being illegal. Sure, that can come up and people get more nervous when they roll by a Cop with an illegal bag... but the paranoia most people get isn't a legal issue, it's a social one...

    Getting high expands your mind so you entertain more ideas... some of the ideas aren't pleasant. People get social anxiety overthinking how others perceive them. They think people are talking about them behind their back, or they make up double meanings for what people are saying. There can also be delusions where people think others 'know something' they don't... as if they're in on something. Other people simply laughing 'for no reason,' just being high, can seem as if they are laughing at you.

    Getting high changes you from your natural mental state... so if you entertain notions of better or worse when it comes to getting high or being sober, then you may decide that sobriety is better. But if you're still high, then you're in a state you don't want to be in with no way out. You feel as if something that you don't want to be is in control of you.

    There are many reasons why people get paranoid or feel anxiety when high... I find it it to be mostly due to social surroundings. Smoke a bowl by yourself and see if as much paranoia arises.

    In short, all suffering/paranoia/anxiety stems from not accepting the situation. "Acceptance is the key to Nirvana."
  12. Weed doesn't force you to be happy or be in the moment. For the great majority of people it actually brings you out of the moment, puts you in your thoughts, that's where anxiety, paranoia etc come from. Some people have an easier time staying in the moment and out of their thoughts, and can just enjoy the feeling cannabis brings. To some its too heavy of a vacuum and they cant get out of their thoughts, not allowing them to relax around others. Also when your high people literally forget to breath normal and are short of oxygen, ever hear the old saying of "dont forget to breath!" when people get anxiety..

    Alcohol brings you into the present and dissolves thought, allowing peoples walls to come down, be more confident and enjoy themselves. They dont realize the entire key to this is the dissolving of thought, being the present, all suffering is because of thought. If you abuse alcohol though that effect starts to fade away and soon the opposite happens and you get sunk deeper and deeper into thought, where it becomes destructive.
  13. I've never thought of it that way... what if it brings you into the present moment while simultaneously bringing you into your thoughts? I think that would be possible.
  14. The japs can't get high!?

  15. I call shenanigans on this one. Perhaps your mate from the land of the rising Sun was having one over on you. Although I do suppose that it is entirely possible for a person to have a natural immunity to a certain chemical compound.
  16. Not all Japanese. :rolleyes:

    No, he was a genuine man, and a close friend. Some kind of genetic difference was the way he put it. He'd known about if for some time. He smoked cigarettes like a chimney so was able to inhale and hold large amounts of cannabis smoke. I had him smoke several large bowls. It really had no effect on him. I didn't see it as a good thing at the time as he might've really benefitted from it.
  17. Interesting thoughts.

    My theory is much simpler, and has nothing to due with paranoia. First of all, people hate facts, and would rather believe lies.
    Secondly, weed, used sporadically, is unlike nicotine or alcohol, but similar to psilocybin, in that it elicits or makes possible thoughts and questions which would go unnoticed to the sober mind, and in doing so, it deepens your sense of wonder, enriches your intellectual imagination, enlargens your conception of possibility, and diminishes the dogmatic assurances which fetter speculation or contemplation.

    It therefore does not surprise me that people like Leary, Huxley, and Hofmann were scoffed at by the masses. There is sadly little evidence to support this theory, because legal prohibitions have made research "slow as molasses" in the Americas, Austrailia, Europe, Japan, and much of Asia...which is basically everywhere with univesities.
  18. Some people have just stigmatised it for years after being told it was bad for you. Peoples opinions are lessening now but there always that fear at the back of their minds, and they don't embrace the high.
  19. Or maybe they are talking about you and now you're aware of it because you pick up on incongruities in their behavior because of some sort of hyper-empathetic ability weed gives to some people; allowing them to put themselves in others shoes almost instantly. Maybe they're not paranoid?

    Weed, i think, gives you psychopathic consciousness. You start seeing things you never cared about before because your ego is put on "silence" for the duration of your high.

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