Why can't she just stop?

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  1. Hello blades. Last Saturday I said some pretty fucked up things to a girl. Nothing to terribly bad but bad enough that now that I look back, it was a DICK move on my part. :( I shot her a text yesterday and apologized and she was still pretty upset about it. I see her today and she just looks at me for a second and keeps walking through the parking lot. I talked to a couple people about it and they said it's not that big of deal.
    I already apologized, what else would make it better? :confused: I'm going to try and talk to her after class and if shes still all pissy then i'm done. I don't need her to constantly be negative when I did what was right. :smoke:
  2. I personally find it hard to go out of my way to please people. I just hope that the facts settle in their mind after a bit. Most of the time, I'll just give people their space until they sort a few things out. If it what you said was true, then you shouldn't feel all that guilty. Unless of course, you really like her and are trying to build something--then, I would talk to her sooner.
  3. Are you only apologizing so you can get in her pants?

    If so, you'll have to work hard to succeed.

    If not, there is hope. Make a cake or buy her like... lunch or something and apologize to her over it. Monetary value makes the world go round.
  4. Well I may or may not have called her easy. :confused_2:
    I was in a pissy mood because I was at work all day. We talked about getting it on and I fucked up from there. I don't want to date her, just want to be friends and get more out of it, but I doubt that will happen because of this incident. :eek:
  5. See the above post. :wave:
    I want to get things back to normal, but I really have no clue what to do. Would you care to explain how I could mend the fuck up? Would be greatly appreciated. :D
  6. Haha, you skeezy.

    She'll probably be the one to decide if you're going to be friends or not, no matter what you do.
  7. That's what i'm thinking. I already apologized and that's about all I can do. It's up to her. :eek:
  8. She has you right where she wants you, guilty and intimidated, when what it really is all about is that it's her time o' the month, you were just unlucky enough to be the target...chill and give it a few days...
  9. You apologized through a text message?

    A call would've been nice.
  10. Best way to please people is by not pleasing them at all.
  11. Depends how close to her you were bruv. I've really upset a couple of my female friends in the past and managed to salvage thing cos of how close we were. Sadly tho, such mistakes often destroy any chance of anythin further happening so bear that in mind, so unless you've already had sex with her then you're gonna find it very hard to get in her pants in the future, very hard indeed.

    I've had targets who I could have indeed nailed but then said something stupid in a moment of drunken madness and fucked things beyond all repair. If this is one of those, then forget it and find some more targets my lad.

    What exactly is your relation to this girl?

  12. Texting is not a proper apology. Offer to buy her a cup of coffee and apologize in person.
  13. It's just like that expression....

    Love is never having to say......Hmm, Whats the rest of that ? Hmm wait it'll come to me....

    OH yeah, "Love is Never Having to Say Yo !! Bitch Stop Fuckin With My Mind"
  14. I don't really feel guilty, just pissed that I fucked it up. :p

    I was walking around the lake and I really didn't want to call her if I was power walking so I would sound like a creep. :rolleyes:

    Well said. :smoke:

    I'm pretty sure I fucked up pretty bad. I tried talking to her today and she didn't really further it.
    Never got in her pants, wanted to on Saturday but that flew out the window. :rolleyes:
    Only some making out.

    Well I didn't have much to work with and she avoided me in the class we have together on Tuesday. :eek:

    No kidding, thinking about just saying fuck it if she's going to take it this seriously. She had forgiven people that she was dating for shit worse then something stupid they said... :rolleyes:
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    I'm sorry dude, but calling a girl "easy" is probably one of the worst things you could say.

    That type of fuck-up deserves something a little more personal than a text message apology.

    I'll put it in a way you guys could understand. You calling a girl easy is like her saying you have a baby dick, then texting you later to say sorry. Are you really going to accept it and move on? Probably not.

    Besides, she needed to hear that you were sincere and we all know you can't convey emotion through text... at least not sincerity.
  16. Do you suggest I try to hang out with her and apologize one on one or try to do it during school? I didn't mean to let it slip but it did. I was in a terrible mood and I wasn't thinking straight. :(
  17. I agree, tell her in person. Or even wait a day or two. But definately let her know in person.
  18. I'll try and catch her tomorrow. I just feel bad because I know it hit her and I didn't really realize it until like 2 days ago. :(

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