Why Can't People Just Grow Up?!

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  1. I went to a party around 7:30 and chilled there for quite awhile. I saw people there that I haven't seen since high school. They had a keg and we started a fire in the fire pit in their backyard. It was a prime party, and my first in months. At about 1:30 am I'm sitting around the fire and I notice a group of kids from the other side of town (the party was on the Lake Hopatcong side of town, the intruders were from the Oak Ridge side for those of you who know north Jersey at all) come marching down the driveway toward the garage, where most of the people were.

    Sensing something coming on, I stood up and walked towaqrds the house. As I did so, fist started flying as the Oak Ridge assholes started numerous fights with certain people at the party who weren't trying to bother anybody.

    I just wish people could grow the fuck up and deal with their problems like adults instead of children. All we were trying to do was have fun, and we all had to scatter because the host called the cops. A perfect party ruined.

    Anyone else have a shitty party story like this one?
  2. LOL your party got crashed biker style
  3. thats fucked up bro i hate people who start fights
  4. You bet your ass it did.

    Yeah kind of lol
  5. Thats why im gettinh a shotgun, people come tryna start something *chick chack*
    half way up the drive way they realize theyre at the wrong house and turn right around.
    Or a grizzly bear.
    Half way up the drive way they get eaten.
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    You live in Texas by any chance?
  7. i was at a party in south jersey and some kid from a high school stabbed another kid cuz he went to their rival school. dumb shit. smh
  8. What else is there to do in NJ other than start fist fights with people?
  9. Drop out of school, get pregnant, and start a fierce heroin habit.
  10. London is always like that. I've kicked off a couple doors and run up in parties when I was in my school days. Loads of fights and arguments just because I was hanging with angry people. Some people just don't grow out of it, or grow out of it too late.
  11. I stand corrected
  12. Thats whats happening in my town right now. Cocaine and heroin are everywhere. A year ago everyone just smoked weed, maybe an e pill now and then. Now EVERYONE does coke and half the kids (middle school/high school) that I meet are addicted to dope. Not to mention a lot of girls I went to school with (graduated in '09) have children now. It's fuckin crazy.
  13. yea man i hate that. Often when i go into town at night some dicks always try to start some shit with me. Pisses me of.
  14. Fuck those mother fucks dude, they really fucked up!!!!!
  15. There's always those people who have to shit in someone else's cereal.Bastards!
  16. dude im so drunk and i agree with you man. its like come on man... we are both people. why dont you just chill out? just because you are drunk is no excuse to lash out, everbody needs to chill out
  17. Well, i feel bad fer you guys, peoples don't start stuff with me where live?? Maybe its a east cost mentality???
  18. Lol, thers a lot to do in jersey. Retarted as tv shows for example "mtv" given jersey a bad name. Lol
  19. Yeah that show is an abomination, however interesting it may be...

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