Why cant I view my warning history?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by bongwithnoname, May 15, 2013.

  1. Hey blades, I logged in today to notice I have 2 warning points instead my usual 1. Im not complaining or anything but I didnt recieve a message of why, and when I view my warning history it just says their is nothing to show. Again im not complaining about the warning im just wondering how I can view my history.
    If this the wrong section for this sorry.

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    we have not brought them over yet...conversion still in process man..
    dont worry you dont have anymore then you did..
  3. where are you seeing 2 warning points?
  4. Ok thanks yoda for the quick reply. Much appreciated!
  5. On my profile where I normally see how many points I have.
  6. haha mine shows 2 warning points also
  7. Those warning points are yor previous warning/infraction points. Only the points are converted during conversion . When we are done with conversion i am sure RMJL will make a more detailed announcement regarding the changes. Please bare with us during we are working on conversion completion. 
  8. Yes I understand that but I had 1 warning point and I logged on today to notice I have 2. But Yoda already clarified I had not recieved any new warnings. It sounds to me like this is a glitch, and apperantly im not the only one with it. Thanks for all the help though mods you guys are speedy and very helpful.
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    A lot of people are showing two for some reason. Let's just wait until the whole enchilada is done before we sweat those points. :)
  10. ive  got 3  :metal:
  11. What exactly are warning points? When are they issued?
  12. I noticed that mine also says I have two, but in the warning history, I only should have 1. Hopefully this issue will resolve itself in time, but just in case it doesn't, I wanted to make any moderator/s aware of the situation.
  13. There is nothing wrong with that. Not all your warnings may result 1 point. 
  14. Warning points? 
  15. I had 2. It says I have 3. I click and only two show up. Is it still converting over?
  16. now i have 18.  :yay:

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