why cant i smell my plant

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  1. my plant started to show its female hairs around 3 weeks ago i have never been able to smell her at all i thought she'd be stinking my bedroom out by now but no smell at all yet shes got buds well i think they buds heres a photo

    someone please tell me why she dont stink does this mean crap skunk

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  2. Buds are looking good and I like the bonus titties in the background :) my plants didn't really start smelling till bout 3-4 weeks into flower.

  3. ahh right so ive got that to come then im just a lil worried because my other girl has always stunk of skunk even early veg stage shes just starting to flower but its not like that 1 i posted here but she stinks

    is there a way i can find out what strain this bitch is???

    n yeah i love the ladies lol
  4. I'm not sure if you can or not. I was trying to find out what kind one of mine is but I had no luck. If you find a way then lemme know lol

  5. i could actually narrow it down to ether big bud XXL or Lemon kush thats what i was told wen the seeds were given i'm just guessing but this 1 on this thread

    i think its indica/sativa mix its not small but its not like a tree ether think its about 3-4ft tall, theres alot of bud sites all over it even the very bottom and the middle then them branches you can see i only topped her once :D seriously
  6. nice looking plant my brother! youll notice some smell soon. dont worry
  7. when i harvest what do i do with the hairs???

    when i buy skunk from people its not got hairs in the skunk ohh i dont know what im gonna do shes full of these hairs they literally all over her top to bottom
  8. some strains have low odor,you'll notice more odor during the last weeks.
  9. The hairs are called stigmas or pistils. They are out there like that because they are looking for male pollen. If they get pollinated, they would retract back to the calyx (ovary) and produce a seed. Even if they are not pollinated, some "hairs" will also retract back into the calyx in false pregnancy. This is normal and hairs are good. A lot better than balls trust me.

    With some strains, when the pistils start to turn brown or red it is an indicator that your bud is ripe. It is not the only indicator however.
  10. This is correct. Northern Lights has a very low odor compared to say Cheese.
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    leave the hairs alone...sum will recede into the bud plumping it up and sum will turn reddish brown @ midstage of maturity...just let it do its thing....as far as smell..my not come til cure...if ever..i agree with you..it should stink by now...ive noticed in my past grows the cooler the temps through out the entire grow the stronger the smell..i always have better winter harvest because of this...its really hot in the summer temps tend to reach high 80's low 90's at times...i believe high growing temps for too long of a period deminishes smell...just my experience...good luck...plant looks nice though

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