Why can't I see any pictures that were attached to threads?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by chronicTRE, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. title says it all, can't see any pics.
  2. You need to make sure you are also logged in to attachment.grasscity.com or clear your cookies and re login
  3. so I have to log in twice to see pics?
  4. You'll have to clear your cookies or just login once then system will remember you.
  5. kewl

    ty 4 reply
  6. i cant see no pics either,,,?

    how do i clear ;; cookies''?

    some of us barely know how to work a computer,,, i'm one of them
  7. i logged out,,, logged back in a nd still cant see no pic attachments,????
  8. Did you login to attachment.grasscity.com as described on post 3

  9. How do you login to it?
    When I go to that link it's just a white page with black text that says "Welcome to attachment.grasscity.com!"
  10. Direct browsing within attachment.grasscity.com is disabled. Only attachment urls are functioning as the server is designed to hold attachments only. You need to follow an attachment url to login. Click on any attachment so you'll be able to login
  11. Just to ease your job , click on attached image open it on a new tab and login :)

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  12. It's working for me now

    Thanks gnik!!

    As always, the helps appreciated :D
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    I am now posting in this link as you said to. I have followed all your instructions as well as your last link and to no avail no pictures.

    Update: ok I can see other folks pictures but I can not see pics that I have posted in any of my previous threads. IE my current grow journal in my signature. It acts as if they never existed but yet they are still in my user cp attachment list. If I log out I can see the jpeg link in my journal but if I am logged in there is nothing there at all. Thank you
  14. very confusing,,,,, but i did it,,, then logged out/logged back in,,,,,

    maybe i got lucky,,, but i did it,,,,{ perhaps i should change my sig,,,apparantlly a chicken can use the internet,,lol :p}
  15. I did everything an still can't see my pics in my journal without opening each one in diff tab.:eek: Is there any way to post them so the pics show without all the tab changing? Can I delete an repost an see them in journal then?:confused:
  16. I cant see my pics either and nor can any of my journal subscribers... They were all there a few days ago and know none of my threads pics are visible? any solution this is strange...
  17. I'm assuming (well, I'm hoping!.. I'll be depressed if my missing pics are all really gone for good :p ) that they are still in the middle of their upgrades, and things will be back to normal very soon...

    I hope so anyway, it's getting tough to help people out in the edibles section without access to certain 'visual aids' and 'learning tools' that I've compiled. :p
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    After following the directions (and only trying a couple), I get a 1x1 pixel that does a contextual search for thumbnails.?!?

    Give it some time for the master to tweak things. :smoke:

    Edited to add data for troubleshooting;

    Clicking the attachment on the first page (I can see it) leads to this;

    Screen Shot 2012-01-18 at 9.05.01 PM.png (1 of 1) 01-18-2012 12:05 PM

    Just that message.
  19. I updated cookie settings again. Anyone facing an issue please clear your Grasscity cookies and re login.

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