why cant i get past seedling? take a look

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  1. ok so i have been monitoring tempitures very closely inside my grow room. they dont go over 82 with humidity of about 40%.
    my grow journal http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/399520-my-bagseed-grow-3rd-atempt.html

    it looks alot like one didnt get waterd enough, and one has heat issues, the others look fine and are doing well with the acceptions of mutations.

    it is posible that i may have crushed some roots while checking for soil moisture. i water once every 2 days or so, if not less. i poke my finger down to test soil. this could be the cause right here.... or it could simply be stress from rotating the cupz to correct tilting?

    help me decide!

    soil is very mild and i am using ph adjusted water(bottle water)
    oh also is it common to have these problems with week seedlings from bagseed?

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  2. How deep is the soil from the stem coming out from the soil? Other words.. how deep is your dirt.... They seem fine to me maybe some better air flow and more room for their roots to expand outwards not just down wards... Maybe upgrade them milk jugs or sunny-d jugs.
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    one of them. the mutian that has the half leaves, it's root once poked threw the bottom hole and the tip died, that one is probably furhter along then all the others. the others idk bout the roots. i think i felt something pull and snap though but i forget what cup it was!

    do you have any advice for transplanting, such as.... wetting the soil first, dont wet the soil.

    the soil is very loose.

    i do have some 10 inch pots i will put the more hearty ones into. the other ones i'll cut some 2 liter bottles.

    btw this one actualy is dry and brittle
  4. how much are you watering them and are you feeding them anything (miracle grow, algoflash?)

  5. i said above i water every 2nd day or so. i water about one table spoon worth of water around the outside of the cup. and i wait untill they are dry to water again.

    i have had a problem with over watering. but that one is drying up.

    i am not using any nutes, there may be superthrive still in the soil from germination i used that at 1/4 strenght
  6. You need to get your humidity up to around 65%. It will breath better. Also make sure you have many holes in bottom of cup.
  7. alright i can do that ,

    there is one hole in the bottom of the cups as said above.

    i think right now i am going to transplant and figure out how to get humidity up.
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    alright 2 liter bottles with tops cut off then replaced once replanted. keeps humidity in, i will let air out every 2nd day or unscrew the top cap, i havent decided yet.

    so theres your humidity, and theres your re-planting.

    yes the roots were outward and wanting to go down, i think that might have alot to do with the 2 sickly lookingg plants.

    with this set up i wont need to water as much as there is more dirt. and they are clear so no more poking fingers to figure out if its wet or not. just have to look!:hello:

    any one else have any advice?
    obtw the plants that are looking droopy were even worce before i did the transplant. in only a few hours they declined even more. =(

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    today there is more yellow and there is more drooping
    there is drying and curling up of the edges on this one
    even the healthy one is kind of drying up and curling up a little but with lower leaves turning yellow
    there is one healthy one ...

    does any one know what the heck i am doing wrong?! i put them each in plastic 2 liter domes so each have their own green house literaly!!!

    if they were bigger i would be able to use the plant abuse charts but they are so small i cant figure it out.

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  10. Words of great advice:

    Please take off the humidity dome from the seedlings. Either that or take off the caps at the top; there must be air in there. I would take them off and instead put a small cup of water in your space for higher humidity. It looks like they are wilted because they need air. If you can, cultivate the soil a bit and/or squeeze the sides of your pots so the soil can get air in it. I did this and they came back up in a few hours.

  11. the ones that wernt under the domes are the ones that were healthy and are looking worce. actualy they are all declining at the same rate except for 2.

    the domes are not air tight as they are not on 100% look in the pictures you can clearly see there are gaps where the top meets the bottom.

    lets adress the first problem here. the apparent nute burn or nute lock out. or over watering.

    the domes are doing a great job on the one that didnt have any issues. the domes are not the issue its something else.

    btw. a glass of water doest do ANYTHING. humidity will still be 45% as i have tried that before. its a silly idea. there is not enough evaporation for it to do any good. i have reptiles that i have to humidity controle and the bigger the water dish doesnt creat more humidity. at least none that i can mesure.

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