Why can't I get off?

Discussion in 'General' started by growguy, Mar 20, 2001.

  1. Its seems like every time I get stoned and start fooling around with the wife, it takes me hours(really) to climax. why is that?
    when I get high on honey oil I have fast and great orgasims, but not on buds? I'm confused?
    The woman loves when I smoke buds before bed,LOL.
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  2. That is what happons when high, it takes longer to O. I don't know why, but it does.
  3. Holy shit. This thread was started 12 years ago. What's up. I recommend to just keep smoking more buds.
  4. Haha I was only 10 when this thread was made! 
  5. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!
  6. Ultimate thread gravedig. You're a master, darling.
  7. You seriously didn't necro-bump a 12 year old thread did you? 
  8. I feel like a time traveler :smoke:
    By golly it's beautiful.
  9. Oh, he sure did.
  10. it's funny to think, when this thread was started i was the age most of the users on grasscity are right now.. 
  11. I was 6 when this thread started... I didn't even know about weed lol
  12. I bet he would have wished for these response earlier even though no one has really answered his question lol
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    Haha man 12 years... wow someone must of been really bored lol
  14. Probably didn't know much about sex either :)
  15. Lol sorry about digging up that thread. He's probably not on GC anymore I just thought it was so cool because holy shit..We've been through 2 wars, going on a 3rd, over 10 super bowls, shit this post was before 9/11! It was only a few months before the playstation 2 and original xbox were released now the next generation is coming out already. I've been through middle school and high school since this shit was posted. Damn this thread is nostalgic. 
    For the record I was extremely bored and coming down from unmentionables. I'm not really sure why I even bumped it but fuck it haha.
  16. Dude's been offline since June 2002. Wonder what his life is like now, does he still smoke, how old is he now? Holy shit. 
  17. I still feel like it's the 90's.
  18. I was 14 when this was posted..
    And as far as the OP goes.. Why complain about not being able to cum? The wife should be lovin it....
  19. I know the feeling. Half the time I wake up and think I'm still in 'Nam man.
  20. I wonder if he ever got off.

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