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Why can't I get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NonPoly, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. On Friday I smoked about 1.5gs, for the first time using this ghetto soda can thing i made. I didn't get high, later I smoked another bud (.5 maybe). The next day I smoked a joint (about .5 gs worth) and me and my friend shared a 2 gram blunt. He got high, I didn't. Later that night, for the fifth time, I smoked a half gram joint. I didn't get high at all. There was nothing wrong with the weed, it was high mids, and I was inhaling the smoke into my lungs and holding it for as long as I could, so what the fuck? Why can't I get high? :(
  2. You don't need to hold it in as long as you can. Any longer than 5 seconds just puts more tar and wasteful substances into your lungs, and won't get you any more high.

    There are chances the weed could have been vaporised previously, and so the cannabinoid content was minimal, if there were any left at all. Your friend may have "got high" as a placebo effect. I've seen people smoke cigarettes and think they got high just because they believed there was weed in them.

    However what's more likely is you just have a big tolerance to it, or you don't take big enough hits in the first place.

    Also, if you've just started smoking, keep trying. I didn't get properly high until my third time smoking. Some people get high their first time, others don't get high until they've smoked as many as ten or fifteen times.

    Hope this helps.
  3. its gotta be either the budd or something on your part...or depending on how long you been smoking maybe you got some crazy ass high tolerance...who knows...but i remember i didnt get high my very first day smoked out with my buddy again.. and fell in love with the herb..maybe try french curls as that would ensure its going into your lungs..just keep on trying though..youll know when your high.
  4. Thanks for the help...I'll keep trying I guess, but i've already spent like $40 trying to get high, I might just give up :(
  5. dont give up dude...maybe try getting your hands on a diff strain of budd or get it from someone else...but dont give up...ive been smoking since i was like im 24 going on 25 and i love it...i got a low tolerence and get pretty stoned off my bong with a bowl of some good stuff...i would suggest smoking by yourself, getting yourself like 2 grams of some dank.. start off with a bowl, finish and chill for a minute see how you feel, then move on to a joint to your dome or more bowls..i know im really high.. when i forget im holding my bong and not taking any hits...or i have a sudden urge to go raid the kitchen...good or when my gf walks into the room babbling/asking a long ass question and i just stare at her confused and say what?
  6. buy real sensi, weed with seeds in it have drastically lower cannabinoid content.

    Make sure you don't burn the can when you smoke out of it
  7. I've heard that its possible to build up a tolerance to a specific strain, so maybe buy so different bud and see if that works for ya
  8. RIp a bong
    THat's how I learned to properly get the smoke into my lungs and all that good stuff
    also after you take a hit breathe in so the smoke goes into your lungs

    Also the first time I didn't get high
    The second time I "got high" but at the same time not really.
    and those times it took at least 15-20 minutes to kick in
  9. Ive smoke like three different strains btw, nothing worked
  10. maybe youre broken?
  11. maybe :(
  12. hmmm i would be pretty upset if i was you..40 bucks and no high..idk dude all i can say is that sucks....maybe its a respiratory issue..maybe try making a firecracker or some you get your herb from a dealer? maybe trying getting your hands on some awesome medical grade stuff. you could be smoking vaped weed like the other guy pointed say make a few firecrackers...and do all that other stuff i said..maybe pray too.. i would..

  13. Well, this weekend Im gonna try using a bong, with some stuff called "purple kush"...if it works I'll let you guys know.
  14. na i know what it is its ur tolerance you gotta not smoke for a day or so! did you not know this DAMNN!:eek:
  15. kool...would really like to see if you get high or not...if its real purple should get fucked up off a couple hits tops...i only smoked some purple kush once..( no way to confirm it was legit kush) at a friends house..took two hits and felt like i was 12 feet tall..or getting sucked up to the celing...extremely good high. i rate that as one of my fav highs of all time..let us know though...and dont knock the firecracker thing either..

  16. What? Dude, I'm saying I've never been high at all before.

  17. whats a firecracker?
  18. its pretty much an edible you make .....i just recently tried it last time i had some herb..didnt really think it would work either but it did....anyways how i made a graham cracker split it in half...put some peanut butter on both a little bit of cooking oil and spread it over the peanut butter..then grinded up some herb ( about enough for a phat bowl) and put in between the crackers like a sandwhich, then pop it in the oven for like 20 mins and 220 degress( dont remember) google that shit..and about 45 mins after eaten youll be high..add more herb if you wanna get more fucked up but can be a waste if u use too much. maybe eat it and wait half and hour then begin smoking.
  19. lmao... you can't be smoking weed....

  20. Thanks, that's really helpful.

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