Why can't I get good pics of my bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by ...Spliff!, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. I've gotten fed up with trying to take pics of bud with my webcam so I decided I'd grab my dads digital cam and snap some pics of my kush however it is really hard to get a good looking picture. I try and zoom in but everything gets fuzzy and from far away you can't really tell how beautiful these nugs are! I am getting some Sour Diesel in a few days and I want to be able to snap some photos!


    That is the camera.

    So guys can you tell me why my camera won't take good pics. Is it just shitty quality or am I doing something wrong?
  2. The quality gets a bit better, but still nothing like what I see on this site... :(

    Edit: As I am zooming in the picture looks as if it is getting really clear but the second I stop zooming it gets really blurry.
  3. make sure nothing behind the bud is brighter. it might be focusing on the background then.

    and try all different distances. sometimes I have to be really close to my bud, and sometimes I got to go farther back.

    ohh, and if you are zomming make sure it doesnt go into "digital zoom". then its just exploding the picture. you want to zoom using the optical thing.

    im no camera expert this is just what ive found works best for me. I could be completly wrong, but give it a shot and let us know how it goes!
  4. When taking a picture with my camera... i have to hold the button down half way and the camera auto focus's then i take the pic... Like, i'll press the button and the light will be orange, i let it focus and then the light turns green and i take the picture!! Play with it while you're high.. It'll be a little clearer.

    -Eric :bongin:
  5. set your camera on a flat surface or a tripod. it may just be your hands shaking too much

    and what Numbers said is usually what happens on most cameras
  6. the only thing i can think of after lookin at the stats on a different site is that the minimum range of macro mode is 6.3in. So if you hold it any closer than that during macro, you will not get a good, focused shot.
  7. I have a canon s500 and a80, what I do is set it to the macro feature (flower icon), do not zoom in whatsoever, just hold the camera very steady and close to the bud, then lightly push the button down but not all the way, the camera will then focus and you'll immediately see the effect of the macro, set it to the position you'd like it and then push the button the rest of the way to snap the photo. For best results turn off the flash and use natural light when grabbing some shots of your bud.

  8. Been playing with my cam and mine takes better pics if you put the bud on a dark surface, and if you can on your cam turn the flash power down a notch get close but not to close, also try a few different lighting modes on the cam like(fluro/sunlight/dark/etcetc) see what works best :)

    Heres a new shot you think its better? a little bit out of focus round some of the edges i think.

  9. The new pic isnt showing up for me....

    -Eric :bongin:
  10. not sure if my camera has a "macro" setting. How do I tell?
  11. can you see the pic now?

    tbud: just mess with your cam try and find it in the options mene or look for somthing with a pic of a flower or somthing next to it, like a little switch on some cams by the lens.

    If your cam cant take macros and you cant shell out the cash for a new one go and buy a decent glass (not crappy plastic) magnifying glass and hold it infron of the cam lens moving it back and forth between that and the bud. I had pretty good results doing this so its a good cheap option :)

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