why cant i get drunk no mores

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  1. i dont get it, i bought this bottle of canadian mist 40% alcohol whiskey, and i drank damn near half of it, i barely feel a head buzz. definitely not drunk. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. see? i can say my abc's perfect. i could definitely drive (i wont, but i COULD). i mean it seems like a lot to drink within 1 hour and 30 minutes. why do i have just a tiny headbuzz? i've been drinkin 8% alc steel reserves nightly for the past 2-3 weeks and got a decent buss byt he timeit was gone, but half a bottle of 40% hard liquor and not evfen the same buzz? sup wit dat?

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  2. Whiskey doesn't get me drunk. I took 9 shots of Jack one time and was barely even buzzed.

    But vodka, on the other hand..
  3. maybe, i used to drink whiskey all the time wit my boys hell 3-4 shots i'd be damn near gone...
  4. Your dying of cancer.... But on a serious note it is TOLERANCE.
  5. your body is getting used to breaking down the alcohol in your system (tolerance). By drinking nightly you body is used to producing more of a certain enzyme that breaks down the alcohol thus more enzymes means faster breakdown of alcohol meaning less of a buzz requiring more alcohol to get drunk

    hope that made sense, im a lil twizted atm..merry christmas blades :smoking:

  6. Mhm...Vodka...that's the stuff
  7. ahhhhthat fuckin SUCKS i honestly didnt know alcohol had a tolerance like that. damn yo. well i just downded another half of whats left and im feeling....damn near sick ahaha i just feel full, not really drunk but i am feelin buzzed now. guess ill take a few hits of the bong to help.
  8. Drink some tequila. P.s you are murdering your body, just throwing that out there. But hey, DO YOU.
  9. Hit them AA meetings up shorty
  10. After 2 weeks of drinking whiskey almost nightly my tolerance went from a few shots to half a bottle. You just gotta take a little break.
  11. Drink some everclear
  12. yah right you probably sat there and right clicked everything that was spelt wrong.. why don't you reply real quick with 10 full hail marys...

    you have 10 minutes... proper gramer isnt key though.. but spelling will be apperently if you don't finish you'll die some horable way... let the games begins

    and merry chirstmas i hope you finish :) haha gl with your alcohol

  13. shiiiiit idk if i wanna do that bro lol i like drinkin somethin every night. maybe i'll just cut it down and go to regular beers like bud light or something
  14. Stop drinking by yourself.
    Start taking fish oil.
    Maybe do shit to build up dopamine.
  15. Drink the same amount of tequila and come back and update us.
  16. lol next time i buy liquor, which will be the day after chistmas when the shit reopens, i shall buy tequila. but what kind can i buy to keep it less than 10 bucks
  17. go down to the shop and get yourself 3 K ciders or special brew then tell us ya not at least tipsy bro
  18. chug the rest and tell me ur not drunk. i drink the mest every fucking day and i would be feelin good off that ammount
  19. underahoneymoon you turning lush on us girl?
  20. Its called alcohol tolerance

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