WHy cant i buy a bong

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  1. when i go to the shop i get nervious and cant talk to any of the cashiers

  2. ... are you under 18?

    There should be no reason to be scared of a head shop owner. Usually they are very nice.
  3. lol, i bet you have the same problem with girls too...

    jk. just remember your talking to a hardcore stoner behind the counter, nothing to be afraid of.
  4. just dont say weed or bong and you will be ok.
    those water pipes are for tobacco use only!
  5. dude ppl workin at headshops r ussually tight as shit as long as u dont use the word weed or bong.

    there so easy to talk to haha, there so chill
  6. no need to be nervous at all man, unless your under 18 ;), people that work in headshops are usually cool as fuck.
  7. is what you will call a bong in a headshop.. always.
    and everything has been quoted for truth.

    Don't be scared to talk man...

    always wanted to do this, even though i know it wont work...
  8. Just talk to them! I've never been in a headshop without at least a few friendly employees. Usually these people are not only friendly, but can help you pick out a good piece for pocket book and living arrangements. In Philly, the headshops all card just to get into the glass section, but I know this is not the usual (At least this is my experience from Baltimore, DC, NYC, and Sacramento).
  9. look for what you want ask to see it and how much it is if you want it say your take it and then pay its like wal-mart if most stuff was behind a counter

  10. nice attempt.
    as i continue it. oh well:p
  11. just get over it. Whats the point of being scared? Its not illegal to buy waterpipes. Do you pick up your own weed, if so, how do you manage your anxiety? All bullshit aside, its a store trying to sell you product. In most cases they are going to be cool and helpful.
  12. Because your under the age of 18 and when you are it's illegal to buy pipes, tobacco products, etc... if you are under 18, but why would you not have confidence talking to a fellow stoner. thats greek to me.
  13. is the op under 18? If so he shouldnt even be on here.... lol
  14. obviously you have anxiety issues.. but i do too.

    but headshop employees like to talk about their products. they are very friendly people in general.
  15. There WATER PIPES not BONGS
  16. this.
  17. smoke sum dank, put in some visine, make sure you smell fressh and chew some gum. make sure your fake i.d. is legit.
  18. this makes no sense unless you're under 18. headshop owners are some of the nicest people around, shouldnt be a problem.

    400th post btw:D
  19. you need to man up. someday you'll want to buy a blunt or some beer. i don't see why buying a bong would be any different. consider the fact that the owner of the store is selling what your attempting to buy. just be like hey, can i look at this? chit chat. i'll take it!
  20. like everyone else has said, dont say weed or bong or anything pot related.
    just say
    "hi im looking for a waterpipe for tobacco?"
    and youll be good.
    if you say anything about pot. ANYHTING. any term. you WILL be kicked out and banned. headshops dont need the polies to raid and posess their entire stock. lol.
    if it was my headshop, and somone said weed, and my store got raided. theyd better watch their back, cuz ima find them and steal their weed.

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