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  1. Hey guys, I know a bunch of people that waste their money buying something to smoke out of when they can just make something. Also if you make something. it is disposable and cheap!! so you wont get caught.
    some things you could easily smoke out of.
  2. Why waste time on cheap, ugly, harsh bongs when you could buy one for $50 bucks that will last you for months, smooth as hell, and works better then home made shit. I used to think homemade was the way to go, until I bought my first bong
  3. hey guys i know a bunch of people who waste their time building something to smoke out of when they can just buy something. Also if you buy something it is functional and practical!! So you wont feel like a tool when you show your friends.
    Some things you actually want to smoke out of.
  4. homemade.<glass.
  5. and not plastics, glass ftw
  6. glass all the way its the only way to medicate:bongin:
  7. come on man, is money that hard to come by for you?
  8. who the fuck would buy a house when you can live in your neborhood dumster set up a chair and a small tv in there fuck yeah yall are wasting your money
  9. I have no choice but to believe OP is some kid with no job haha
  10. I've made some homemades in my time. But the only reason I make homemades nowadays is if they are Hybrid(part bought glass part homemade).

    For example, I made a Gong double Alex K shower head dub bub, from two broken Alex K showerheads and a broken female joint Lol. It works really well but I haven't used it lol, it's just a dust collector.

    Quality Toking tools for sure, especially if your careful and you keep them for a long time. But really, I'm sure my dub bub would probably hit better than most bongs less than 250 lol.

  11. I didn't know Oscar the grouch posted on here. :hello:
    Bong hits for Oscar.:bongin:

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