Why buy seeds when you can clone?

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  1. Are there serious advantages to seeds? Besides diversity..

    If I got 5 seeds and grow them. pick the best one and clone it. Is there any reason I should buy more seeds instead of making more clones?

    Which is better? Opinions please
  2. Keeping a mother for clones helps perpetual growers and folks that are doing whole rooms.
    The reason they do this are for even growing canopies, timing out harvest, and they like the plants traights so you can keep a mum for years I am sure there's more to it...I choose seeds because I like variety, however if I were to grow for the general populice I would use a mother it's easier to learn 1 strains traights and keep the room full. Again there's probably more to it

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  3. You can also use seeds of the same strain and get different pheno types next thing you know you have tall plants taking over small plants...now adjust your lighting to that

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  4. Thanks for the inputs everyone.

    Clones won't survive??? Most of the time? Cause I know it's possible.

    Is it just not likely, Or impossible?
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    This is not true at all.

    SativaDreams has it right, mostly people buy seeds for variety, and 10 seeds of the same strain will most likely have a few different phenotypes. Sometimes they look/grow completely different, and not in bad ways necessarily.

    If it's the first time growing a strain, I can easily be content trying to learn it's growth patterns and perfect what I'm giving it for quite a few rounds of flowering before I really dial it in. But eventually you will probably want more variety down the road a ways. Nothing wrong with learning and perfecting this one through cloning!!

  6. You will probably do that for maybe a year unless you got some bad s as weed

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  7. Agreed seeds give you variety and are necessary if your trying to pheno hunt but if your happy with the strain or strains you have then clone them, keeps the same genetics as mother where a seed will have a few or many diff possibilities, cloning is also quicker then popping seeds

    As for outdoors, if never had any issues with clones outdoors, seeds tap might travel deeper searching for water but if your watering and tending them like they need then clones will grow the same

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  8. Awesome. I'm Cloning the best plant ive ever had so everything should work out.

    And I did plan to put alot of clones of this clone outside so it's good to know the success rate is high.
  9. Root 2 seeds, clone best plant and grow from there. Keep remaining seeds as back up or donate em to a buddy.... that's what I do.

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  10. Took the best of 5 and it happened to be the best one ever

  11. "If your going to grow out doors you must use seeds as clones won't survive."

    And this advice is from personal experience?

    Gotta love the Internet.

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    That's odd....I guess the clones I put outside must be a freak of nature.

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  13. Where do people come up with this stuff?

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