why believe in one religion and not another?

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  1. I don't get why people believe in any type of religion when it was just randomally picked from birth which religion you were going to be raised in.
  2. I know, right? It's so silly... Religions/gods are just like fairy tales! There are just so many of them, and they have more in common then just that :devious:.
  3. I believe the term is indoctrination :D

    really though, Christians are the only ones that I have come across (not that I come across many ppl who believe in something other than Christianity) who think that they MUST save your soul asap.

    Don't get me wrong there are plenty of them who are like oh its not for you, oh well, you still might be interested in becoming involved in our community--they are genuinely decent people who just want people to participate in something that improves their life.

    Its the people who scream at you for not having pizza at the church for Easter (yes because god loves us more with a full church?) or tell you that you are going to hell for not doing what they say--I also hate people who try to use it to gain power over others by saying things like well what do you think god thinks about that?

    <---answer: I hope god doesn't give a damn about my bullshit and is concentrating on something like I don't know war, famine, disease, and poverty.
  4. What about the people who choose a religion as adults or people who choose religions that are a minority where they live?

    I imagine people choose a religion because it fits with their philosophy and/or has helped in their life.

  5. Chanceism:

    "Knowing that your beliefs change according to your culture, experiences, and willingness to learn about points of view outside your own."

    Atheism the belief that Gods do not exist.
    Theism the belief that atleast one God does exist.

    Two sides of a coin, when flipped, an agnostic says it does not matter what the result is.

    The possibilities for anything and everything in life is endless, why stop somewhere down the road, when you can come trot the globe?

    Free your mind from silly dogmas, and egoism. Let peace rule over, reach out and understand your neighbor, we are all the same.
    Hatred, and bigotry are enemies of Love, and acceptance. Take eachother hand and hand, help as many people as you can.

    The only dogma that should rule, is that individuality kills togetherness. You must keep each in balance to live a happy life.

    Wake up and acknowledge that a claim is a claim, and an I don't know, is the path to world peace. We can figure it all out, together.
  6. sort of baffles me too.

    Are we really going to follow some practices and rituals that were made up by some guys 2000 years ago who saw angels and burning bushes?

    Did God really tell moses the 10 commandments? seriously? and never another person?.... i mean God ought to know that humans are a very curious and skeptical bunch... for a decision of this magnitude, it would really make things easier he would tell us all, or at least a few people.

    Why should we take these words for truth, they were written down so long ago and translated many times. We know how stories get exaggerated.

    Have you ever read the bible? I havent read it all, but i have read a good bit. Its a pretty fucking weird book.

    I hope Jesus doesnt curse me if he really existed in the nature that the bible said he did, but i have to point this out... does anyone else think it's odd how the whole religion relies on us believing a baby was born via immaculate conception? We all know how virginity was treated back in those times... isnt it more probable that she fucked her husband before they were married? or cheated on him and fucked some other guy and made the story up and everyone bought it?

    Those are just some problems i have always had with christianity. I was raised Catholic, and even spent some years in catholic school. I dont outright discredit the religion as wrong, but i believe it is FAR more likely that God exists in some other form, or as a non-sentient energy...
  7. This. I personally don't have a religion or any of that. Regardless I was raised a Christian. Didn't always have to go to church, but about 3 times a month. I never really lived the 'Christian' lifestyle like my whole entire family did. I was pretty much about just having a good time drinking,smoking, and having sex. Never read the bible or any of that, then when I got to about 14 I realized I need to get my own mind, and I did, and I quit doing all that shit. Then I realized religion wasn't for me.

    But I don't go and try to crush other peoples religion like people do here either so meh.

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