Why aren't you on a different cannabis website?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Chewbracca, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. why grasscity?

    theres some others.
  2. many have low population and i tend to want to hear from a broader cross-section of people. So ya more people here
  3. There is no better community
  4. This one seems to be the best. It's like the name brand cereal, and all the rest are the crappy store brand shit.
  5. Best one out of the couple I browsed. :smoke:
  6. Friend intro'd me a long time ago.
  7. cauz of the smileys offered :hello: :devious::rolleyes::cool::p;):D:wave::smoke::eek:

    haha just kidding

    its because :gc_rocks:
  8. thread complete.

    all great answers :)
  9. There's other weed websites?
  10. There are many great answers above this one, so here's another one that hasn't been mentioned yet.

    Most other Cannabis websites I have visited suffer from very lax rules and piss poor moderation. The concept of an Apprentice Tokers section was non-existent, and newbies were dealt with harshly.

    One post: "Hey, how do you ____________?"

    Ten replies: "lol omg newfag gtfo!"


  11. i laughed throught READING YOUR POST
  12. It isn't infected by widespread meme usage, no flaming, and everybody is chill. Would probably come here even I didn't smoke. The fact that everybody is over 18 is real cool, most sites are mostly 12 year olds.
  13. I didn't choose Grasscity.

    Grasscity chose me.
  14. Boosh.
  15. its the city of grass mayne where else would i wanna be??
  16. Not to make a less emphatic point, but I think aesthetically the GC Site is much more attractive than the others. The Forum is much better organized than the others, the people, in my opinion, are friendlier and more interesting in general on GC. I've been to others, but like a great restaurant, i know its the one I always want to come back to. My section of coice, the cultivation section, is extremely informative, comprehensive, and just plain well executed. My hat is off to you, GC.
  17. theres another stoner forum that doesnt completely suck? no...
  18. Honestly beacause its the biggest and most active canna forum on the net, and theres all kinds of different stoners here, old schoolers and younger dudes like myself
  19. I like it because the community is very friendly, so far i've yet to see someone be heavily berated, and it's very informative, the old schoolers now what there talking about and there is room for the fresh cut newbies ie: me.

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