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Why Are You Here

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Aug 17, 2002.



  1. You took the Hallucenegenic Bus- You were too high to remember but you found it scraped into your ar

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  2. You typed in "Cannabis" on a search engine (or similar)

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  3. You found a link on Yapooka (sorry for the slur but it's no city is it?)

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  4. You were bored one day in an IT lesson and typed [url]www.salviadivinorum.com[/url] into your browse

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  5. A friend told you

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  6. Other....

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  1. How did you find the city... Why did you decide to post here?
  2. true, Yahooka is no city.... But on one stoned, lonely boring morning, it brought me here & I'll never forget that! LOL
  3. I wanted a good place to talk with stoners from around the world.

  4. After a fifth of Jack Daniels and a countless number of joints and bowls..........I can't honestly remember how I got here. I think my computer was possessed for a moment by the pot god because he wanted to introduce me to stoners from different areas. And who am I to question the pot god? He has been good to me and everyone does seem to be quite mellow here.
  5. i was hatched.
  6. Because the city is the best place on the net to be. Yahooka used to be like this. Then the childish people came in and turned a marijuanna site into a night mare.

    The city is the place for me.
  7. I was looking for advice on growing marajuana, not sure how I came across this site, I was a bit stoned at the time, but it just stuck in my mind as a decent place. I've been to a few others and the posts seem to be really condescending, or smug or just plain wankers to each other. I don't really see that so much at all on this site. So I've registered and I'm here.........Burbling away, talking kak, who cares.....I'm happy.....Be happy.
  8. i was f'cked up one day and was lookin through yahooka and found the great city.
  9. im pretty sure i was gonna join yahooka but there was something wrong with the board and i wasnt able to register.. so i came here! man i remember when this board got maybe 2 posts a day, tops.. but now its populated enough to be a major addiction!

    ..lucky me :D
  10. i was lookin for bongs and such, and this the city came up..then i decided to look through the forums...and then i was like..wow...and then....i dont remember..meow
  11. I stumbled across the city doing research for something and I posted occasionally, but then I got kicked out of school and I had to sit home all day and not smoke bud. The folks here were the only thing that kept me sane ;)
  12. Sane? You?
  13. yeah, maybe sane was too strong of a word lets just say happy ;)

  14. Yeah, what critter said!!

    Critter was driving, I was passed out in the back seat, and when I woke up we were at the 'City!
  15. i like to spell chicken like this:

  16. Switch likes to spell teepee like this tipi ;)
  17. I can't swear or talk about weed on the other message board I frequent. :)
  18. I just wandered by and ended up staying. I do that. I just wander around and usually where I end up is a cool place. I never did the Yahooka thing. Grasscity was my first and only.

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