Why are you here?

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  1. I just awoke from a vivid dream, here for the first time I was taking responsibility for my actions, which is something I don't even do in my waking life; it's something I want to change. Well, the dream ended with one of the "characters" asking me why I was there. My response was rather literal and I ended up giving this guy a long explanation about why I thought was there at that place when in the middle of explaining I realised that was not what he meant, and then he gave me this look and i woke up. After I woke up, I felt like such an idiot and I still do because I don't think i'll ever be able to answer that question.

    So if any of you guys were asked that, what would you say? Why are you here?
  2. Because my dad's condom broke...

    Hmm i'll have a think about this when I go to bed. But this question is similar to "what is the meaning of life". If anyone knew, I guess... actually I don't even know what would happen.
  3. I'm here to get high.
  4. Where else would I be?
  5. So all of you are identifying with your human existence on a temporary level. That's not what I intended or meant by the question, it was meant to be a more, as a previous poster noted, " be like asking what the meaning of life is." That was the intended meaning, like why are you here? What is your purpose? What would you reply be when asked that question?

    Hope that makes it clearer.
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    I'd still give the same answer to the first question. There is only this. This is the meaning of life.

    But I might add for the purpose bit as:

    I have no purpose, inasmuch as there being something that has to happen. But when you understand what I mean by my first answer, this gives you a purpose that you didn't know you could have, and once that occurs, you just want to realise it.
  7. I didn't like it there
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  8. LOL! :smoke:
  9. I'm here because my parents decided to reproduce, creating another living thing. That's about all there is to it..
  10. Wish I knew..:confused_2:
  11. Okay, so the general consensus seems to be that people don't know why or care why there here. They're just happy tbat they are where they are and that's all that matters. But, I wonder if any of you actually pondered if there is something you're missing. Something you feel is missing from your life. Something you can't explain. Something you need to have.
  12. I used to feel I was missing something, or searching for something..I try to quell those thoughts as much as possible. I know what I'm in search of, purpose. Not on this world, well perhaps on this world..I just want to, exist, without the day to day troubles and stress that this world brings. But I digress, it is what it is, and that is why I am here. not by choice, it just is.
  13. I'm a multidimensional being sent to gather information on your people.

    The invasion has begun. Resistance is futile.
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  14. Yea, I've thought about it. A lot actually. So much that I get tired of thinking about it and just say "fuck it" for periods of time. Don't know, and won't know, until I know. Life consists of so much shit that it's easy to get confused and chase a question around in circles over and over and over. Then you stop for a second and realize "I've just been goin in circles here".

    Hope you don't mind a ramble. It helps me get my thoughts outta my head here.

    Why do we ask these questions? So we can get an answer? We get answers every time we ask a question, but which one is the 'right' one. If there is a 'right' one, who decides if it's right? Are we really only asking ourselves for reassurance? Maybe we've been told the answer and just don't wanna believe it because we didn't like it. Do I actually believe there's a correct answer to these questions I ask? I don't know. I just don't know. Dammit! Writing this just pissed me off. Ever since I stopped smoking, my mind has been goin everywhere. I'm tired of questions. I need a break from reality, or a break from myself.....................Maybe I need a new focus. May get into meditation or try to figure out this astral projection shit people talk about here. Dammit. Fuckin circles man. Just walk the straight path and never look back. Wish I could take my own advice, but I'm either too stupid, or too smart to.
  15. If I knew, I wouldnt be here anymore.
  16. The reason I ask these questions is because I feel like there has to be something beyond this world. I keep having this feeling that these people in my life know something which they want me to know, but they won't outright tell me, they want to lead me to the answer. And they keep dropping hints about my doings which would be physically impossible for them to know. Call me schizo. Call me paranoid. I know I'm not. But this feeling won't subside. It's like an itch I have to scratch. I feel like I'm close to finding everything out, but then again I've always felt so close. It's like searching for a familiar word but it won't come out; it's on the tip of my tongue. It's like searching for your keys in all the wrong places. It's mystical.

  17. Man...............I feel the exact same fuckin way! Damn I thought it was just me. Life is so fuckin weird man. Feels like I'm goin crazy sometimes. Like no matter how hard I try shit, I always end up feeling like I'm a dog chasing his tail. A tail that's visible, but so short that I'll never reach it. I wanna believe I'm just overthinking things, but I feel like I'm not. Now you just made me think about this shit again ha ha

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