Why are you here?

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  1. Those who miss us and the things we leave behind become the answer to the question, "Why were you here?"
  2. something to read while i chopped up my buds for a mid-morning toke.
  3. To make a difference, spread wisdom and love life and all it's contents unconditionally.
  4. Nowhere else to be. Even when I'm there I'm still here
  5. We're all here cause we arent all there
  6. Cuz i still have more weed to smoke
  7. To make others wealthy, to make others happy, to put up with a heap of dung from people day after day - did I miss anything? On the other hand, I have my lady, my dog, my guitar and a rather large sack of bud, so i guess life isn't too bad.
  8. to experience
  9. Where is here? What does here mean? How do we know here is actually what we think here to be? What if we're actually there? Where is there? Why do we feel the need to assess our location? Does it really matter what or where we think we are? Does that actually change anything? Does perception actually change condition? Or does it merely allow us the understand what we perceive by explaining it in a perceptive manner? Will I ever run out of questions to ask? Why do we feel the need to ask questions?

    I could do this all day....
  10. No ones knows! One of the greatest questions. I love to ask people this question, makes them really think. Why are we here? So many things could have happened along the way to make you not be here, but you are, so from the way I see it that tells us one of two things. Either everything is meaningful, or everything is meaningless. I like to be optimistic lol, and in my honest opinion I think everything does happen for a reason and we are all here for a reason.

    To answer the question though.. I'd say the overall meaning is of our mass, as an individual you shouldn't think about that and instead just enjoy your short time you get.
  11. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4VbOHvaPRc&feature=related]OMG WHO THE HELL CARES! - YouTube[/ame]
  12. The whole Universe had to be created for me to exist in this moment of time.
  13. If I wasn't here where else would I be?
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    I am one piece, one vital piece in the vast infinite web of interconnection. I am here, as is everything else.

    Any purpose beyond that is up to me to decide.

    Personally I feel like we as a human family could all be living a much happier and more fulfilling life. Too many of our human brothers are suffering the results of ridiculous long-standing and corrupt institutions that impoverish the lives of many of our human brothers and sisters. Too many of us are living in self-created suffering and ignorance of our true nature as free beings, and too many of us simply go about doing our own thing, not caring about any of this.

    I choose to do my part to work towards the reversal of these trends. Inspire people to educate themselves, intellectually and spiritually. Remember their true nature as a pure mind, remember life is but a temporary dream. Remind people that if we all share and cooperate we could all co-exist and get along peacefully, we don't have to fight and compete. We must all remember that we are one interdependence, one web, with nature, all of creation and the entire universe. Remind people that if we were all self-governing and cared about the well-being of others as much as ourselves, true compassionate love, then we would not need governments and restrictive controlling power institutions. We could truly live the paradise on Earth that we are meant to live by design of nature. When we change from the inside, we take the power away from these man-made institutions of destruction and decay and bondage, and we return to our true natures and natural heritage of peace, harmony and freedom.

    That is the reason I choose to be here.

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