Why are you blades so mean?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by alpo, Jan 20, 2014.

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  1. I've been on this forum for a long time & one thing I notice is some of you blades can be real dicks .. just mean as fuck to people who try to come on here to reveal there most darkest secrets & intimate confessions ... Like wtf is the problem? I notice a blade will get cussed out & shitted on if he says he cheated on his woman .. like what the fck? Shouldnt people be able to tell you blades their issue without gettin slammed so brutally? Is it becuz most blades are lonely & horny and the thought of someone havin a s/o & havin a babe on the side brings the jealousy out of some of you?? Or if somebody just made a normal mistake that doesnt quite sit right with you blades then chances are he'll verbally get his balls chopped off right??? Its like .. how come we cant be a better support system for those goin thru shit right or wrong? ... we'll still help you instead of addin more hurt ... makes sense y'all? We must fix the error in our ways ...
  2. Arent u the married dude going out on dates with other woman?
  3. Evaluate us as you will but we are just sad pathetic humans with small penises and smaller brains.....
  4. Ive had mostly good experiences people seem pretty chill, Im very non confrontational though.
  5. I'm not mean. I think.
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    Not to be one of those dicks but people being mean online isn't new....
  7. The internet was designed for porn and talking shit.
  8. Don't forget conspiracy theories and cat videos
  9. <&:.:*%#@+;:WELCOME TO THE INTERNET! :;+@#%*:.:&>
  10. Cat videos are like porn for cat obsessed people, which is like half the world at least. Some people prob jack off to lil bub videos Im guessing.
  11. Awwwwwww.     Didz tha internetz hurt yo feelinz????????
    you're mean.
  13. Completely Agree. I can't be myself here now. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. Yes im married but no to the other question perhaps you may have read a post of mine & got the wrong idea idk ..
  15. I too have experienced a bit of a meanness from people. Or maybe I'm upset at the fact that I'm always ignored.Heh..it's High school all over again.Some people will never grow up.
  16. yea i see what you mean but theres all kinds of folks everywhere, good and bad, happy and sad, cool and mad. bladies, blades....were humans first and foremost.

    staring at the word "blades" for a few seconds and repeating it in my head...looks funny now aha.
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    Now? lol you've been here a week unless you're a previous member.
    Ya know what you do with mean people here? call em out and own their ass with logic and witty commentary. It's quite easy you can tear them apart make them look terrible and have every smart member back you up.
  18. Its called the internet where everyone has an opinion and can say what they would like to say, for someone to go on to forums and say he cheated on his wife needs a swift kick in the head rather that a  little bit of hate. If you what a shoulder to cry on I suggest you get of a forum. 
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    People get cursed out on the forum or treated wrong because just as in real life, this is a community made up of individuals. There are certain individuals who troll, certain individuals who will be nice to you even if you're just an idiot posting, and certain people who are here for intellectual discussion who will cut you down for shits and giggles if they don't like you. I tend to be part of the latter, and I am fine with that. Your reasons for coming to this forum may be to spill your dark secrets that you are too insecure to share in real life, but that isn't the purpose of this forum specifically, and so to think that we should feel obligated to hold your hand while you go through your little pathetic attempts at a cathartic experience online with strangers is absolutely ridiculous. We aren't here for you; we are here for us. We just happen to occasionally cross paths- don't get it twisted. Even though this is a community, do you like everyone in your city/town, or do you just gravitate to certain individuals who are like-minded and who you respect? The forum operates on the same fundamental principles. If you want people to respect what you post, either spend enough time on the forum going through the "hazing" period where people don't take you seriously and build up a reputation the more people see you post, or fucking post something that matters. And although the idea of what "matters" is entirely subjective, some of the posts that you see under "Recent Posts" on the main page make me shake my head all the time.

    Moreover, we're in the right for judging people who are on here posting about cheating, don't give me that shit. We're not here to help you feel better about treating the people you're supposedly "with" like shit, and the people I see encouraging it are people I verbally chop down on the forum as well, because they're the same kind of scum that gets under my skin every time. If you agreed to the terms when you joined that means you're supposed to be 18. If you aren't 18 and you're offended, tough shit. If you are 18 and you still aren't emotionally secure and can't handle the internet, tough shit. If people don't like what you post, tough shit.

    I made the mistake of breaking down this girl who posted about high birthday sex or something not too long ago, and although my assumptions probably did more harm than good on the legitimacy of the post, I don't personally think it's mean to discourage the kind of mindless posting you would expect to see on Facebook if people weren't so afraid of being judged by people they actually knew. I originally started coming here because I saw the shop and wanted to look up a bong, but when I came on the forum I was blown away by the amount of substance I saw in certain posts scattered throughout the entirety of the forum. Not only that but the community was huge by comparison to pretty much all others. In my own somewhat fucked way I see some members of this community as spider mites that are hindering the growth of this forum. They're immature, they don't contribute much, but the common denominator is that they smoke weed. You enjoying the same plant I enjoy doesn't mean I have to like you. For all of the "mean" posts I have made, and all of the people I have been a sarcastic dick to, there are probably a hundred more posts where I have done nothing but add substance to the thread while 50 other members just typed out "lmao". Does that justify it? No. But it shows that there are worse things, like posting for the novelty and not to engage in meaningful conversation. As I said before, this is why I am here. Why you're here is irrelevant to me.

    There's not a general Terms of Service for using the internet, but if there was, at the bottom it would read "Man The Fuck Up."
    You're always nice in the threads I've seen you in. I'd recognize that avatar anywhere, even if you did change your name I'm pretty sure.
    All class.
    This is exactly what Im talkin about .. this blade is being so much of a dick  he can't even say .. if you want a shoulder to cry on I suggest you get on a forum .. what do I get instead .. "if you what a shoulder to cry on I suggest you get of a forum" .. Huh?? .. & here all I did was ask a question .. Like WOW Really?? .
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