Why Are Women So Bitchy That Time Of The Month?

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  1. she's revving up like a car. i am trying to escape but i can't. how do you dudes deal with this crap monthly? 

  2. Headphones, keep your distance, get shit done and don't be an ass to her. Everything except headphones gives you the "what are ya ragging on me for?" defence.  
    Headphones are just to drown out the bitching.
  3. Dont be a dick. 
  4. When I was with my ex, I just stayed away from her when it was that time. What I mean by that is that I hung out with my friends more, trust me its much better than just being nagged all day.
  5. I'm lucky, My wife is from England.
    Just keep that tea cup topped up and stay quiet!
  6. It's never really any different for me...
  7. Tell her to get her hormones in check! :D I am proud to say my period does not make me bitchy. Sometimes sensitive, but not bitchy.
  8. be happy you only get it during their time of the month. I always bring out the worst in women and I dont do shit to deserve it, oh well man up or be a man down OP your choice.
  9. Probably because the pain feels like a motherfucker is trying to rip your vag out :)
    Plus all the medical mumbo jumbo of hormones :D
    Girls need a break too, my friend ...
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    I don't get bitchy. I just cry at the drop of a dime. And of course it's hormones, pain, and pure uncomfortableness.

    Especially if she has a heavy period. Some girls I know can't even get out of bed and they bleed so much they have to wear a pad and a tampon at the same time. Then they have to change it every hour to two hours or the blood overflows and runs down their leg and stains their pants.

    Plus it smells like for weird reason.

    It's no fun. Have some compassion.
  11. Hormones, I'm happy my pill keeps mine away, but I forget how emotionally unstable I get the two times a year it does happen. Kill her with kindness there really isn't anything you can do, getting upset is a waste of your time and energy since she's going to be that way regardless of how you feel and she's going to keep on feeling that way until it's over, and once it's over she won't be apologizing. Sometimes all a girl needs is to have someone be there while she cries for absolutely no reason without asking what's the matter. You can't fix everything, you can't control this, so go with the flow so to speak ;)
  12. Hormones.

    I picture myself like Medusa when it's that time of the month.
  13. Tell her to deal with it like we men deal with our hormonal changes at the beginning and every month.
  14. pft... man periods are fucking horrible to deal with, you just don't realize how fucking wacky you get, the same goes with us when we are on the rag. Men can get SOOOOOO moody.
  15. i definitely get irritable and emotional during my period. you would too if it felt like you were being stabbed in the abdomen and you were bleeding from your crotch and had very tender tits that hurt when a shirt touches them. fuck i hate being a women for 3 days of the month. my period is the worst :(
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    I get sad and sensitive I don't get irritable. So just leave me alone unless you want to deal with that haha. 
  17. Fill the bowl, roll a joint, give her an edible! Life will go much easier for you both!
  18. Laugh, argue and beat off in the bathroom, in the great words of Bill Burr "Its the champagne of victory" 
  19. This is like asking "why do black people get mad at me when I offer them chicken for dinner?"
    Seriously, not all girls get bitchy. And if they do, maybe you can realize that it's just hormones that affect behavior. Yes, women know that periods make them upset, this is not fucking secret.
    Instead of thinking "HOW CAN I AVOID THIS RAGING BITCH?!" , be a good boyfriend and roll her a joint, get her whatever she craves and pat her belly telling her that everything will be fine.
    That's how my man does it, and it soothes the ragin ketchup beast every time.

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