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Why are women attracted to assholes?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by xEtceteraaa, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Dont get me wrong, i know not all girls are like this. Im a nice guy and i still get some girls, but not like the assholes i know. Girls are ALL over them.

  2. Who knows, hard question man. My friend is such a dick to girls and its like they like it, they always want more. Makes no sense haha
  3. Haha exactly but i dont want to be a complete dick
  4. All girls are suckers for a douche
  5. They find the self confidence in assholes attractive. Usually their "I don't give a fuck about anybody but myself" mentality makes them seem strong and able to protect/provide for them. That is until they realize that the guy doesn't give a fuck about them either and they've been played for sex.

    Women fail :(

    Edit: There's also a bit of "I can fix him !" mentality there too.
  6. In my opinion, assholes generally exude confidence.
    Girls are attracted to confidence from what I've found, they seem to put up with the asshole side.
  7. evolution.... in the ancient days it was the assholes who killed everyone else and screwed all the finest poon. look at walruses and other animals. only the beastliest beast gets all the poon. that's why.

    but now days with human rights and stuff even mentally/physically retarded people get women!!! crazy shit!!! so much for natural selection and survival of the fittest.
  8. Treat em ruff, you get your muff
  9. Man i'm high as fuck right now and i completely fucking agree on what you just said. EVERYBODY LISTEN TO THIS MAN! FUCK WOMEN! IN BOTH WAYS!

    YEAH! :hello::hello::hello:
  10. They go out with the douches and keep you the nice guy as a friend until the douche cheats on them and they come crying to you and they still don't want to date you the nice guy and then the next douche comes along.

  11. In ancient days women didn't get to choose which men they were with..

    But, serious answer.

    "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks"
  12. its true, but you gotta come off as fairly nice at first then turn into an asshole, then you have to rotate back and forth between asshole and nice guy ...if your an ass off the bat the bitch will get high and mighty on you, either that or see through ur game , and if your an asshole all the time and don't do that back and forth shit, she'll leave you, bitches in a nutshell lol

  13. lick on these nuts and suck the dick...

  14. Ah, you beat me to it!
  15. get the fuck out after you're done
  16. Fuck it... next girl i see, I'm gonna bitch slap her, call her a bitch and see if she takes her pants off for me...
  17. wow your cool

  18. Lol pretty much this.
  19. Umm its mostly high school girls that do that
  20. I bet it is because the assholes don't bitch.

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