Why are we here?

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  1. I've been thinking alot lately, and today the question came to me. Why am I here? What physically put me on this earth? Why am I in the body im in? Is everyone else in their own bodies seeing their own vision and having their own mind too? How is it that I have a mind? Is everyone else and everything in the universe just here for me? What does this make me? Try to answer any or as many of these questions as possible.
  2. sounds to me like you're depersonalized i had these exact same questions when I was stoned off my mind after about 5 blunts between 3 people back to back it was mind blowing just thinking about my life and the people i know
  3. Youre here for the reason you make it.
  4. Instead of asking why you are here, perhaps ask yourself if you are here to better yourself, or to better others.

    After considering the latter, you will then see how your selflessness affects your being here as well as recognizing the allignment between yourself and the all the beautiful/terrifying/awesome manifestations of your concious being. In a sense, everyone is living out their lives indepedently, alone but in control. However, when you break it down, we are one collective conciousness experiencing itself subjectivley. At least thats what Bill Hicks says.

    Your purpose, on the other hand, is to simply be. Exist as you are, as you have always been, and as you will. This is the sole intention of our very existence.

    Stay strong electron!

  5. Woah what's your name and where are you from? Lol

    You're not from Denmark are you?
  6. I'm just another grain of sand in this vast cosmic beach. I hail from 中国. Why Denmark, of all countries?
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    So are you saying that everyone perceives reality in their own way? Such as if I see the color red, you might see the same object as green, but since the universal name for it is green, we see two different colors with the same name? this may partly explain why conflict exists at all. I don't just mean colors, im talking about human ideologys.

  8. Lol what did you mean by "stay strong electron"?
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    Human ideologies go a lot deeper then visualization and perceptions.

    Like religion, everyone wants a reason or purpose.. therefore a lot of people really cling to religion and living by that type of moral code. A lot of it is ego, people that follow a certain path want their way to be the right way, but they don't see that all ways are right, and some are more suitable for you then others.

    Same with skin color/race.. ignorant people (the harsh reality) don't see us as a group of humans, they see the differences and split you up.

    Do you meditate? It seems like you're starting to dive into this whole subject area :smoke:
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    Maybe he was referring to sciences possible explaination for the big bang. How the entire universe was compressed to a point the size of an atom bewilders me. even more confusing, what was outside that one point? It couldn't have been nothingness, because nothingness didn't exist yet.
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    I do meditate, I normally put 45 mins every night aside to think about the days events and what they meant. This is a subject that I ponder throughout the day though.
  12. What I am trying to convey is that we are all of the same essence. Differences in perception do indeed provide conflict... But I think it is in our differences where we misunderstand each other the most. You can have love for one thing, but hatred for another. They are essentially of the same origin. You know, you can't have one without the other.

    Stay strong electron was just a general phrase of encouragement. Plus it rhymes so I thought it would fit well. If you want a deeper meaning, i'm afraid there isn't.
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    I wasn't actually looking for a deeper meaning in it, it just reminded me of something I wonder about.

    What is the root that love and hate come from?

  14. Oh ok.

    No I wasn't looking for deeper meaning. I have this friend that I talk to over in Denmark and she has a friend that they call electron.

    Electron's mom was hurt pretty badly and was in the hospital very recently. I thought possibly you were my friend lol cause I did link her to some threads on here before and she also talks to a couple other blades.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding :D

    Peace :)
  15. One more question, what gives us our conciousness? Besides all the science bullcrap haha. I mean, where do our souls originate?
  16. My belief says our consciousness is created by energy. We can all be linked by the source of this infinite energy. This is just what I believe though. So with shanghighs phrase, I would use proton, because electron=negative charge. One love all.
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    Thank you
  18. Life advances into its own purpose, the experience of its own existence.
  19. Existance is a funny idea isn't it? Its also a complicated one
  20. It doesn't matter why we exist

    It only matters that we do exist. Existence is a gift. And it's purpose to be appreciated, and enjoyed.

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