Why Are We Doing This?

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  1. I am not one that likes to get involved with international politics. I am quite the un-educated one when it comes to that. I thought that after we got Bin Laden, that this will end. But now I am reading everyday about drones killing innocents in Mid East. Why? Is it because we fear small pockets of terrorist groups that can re-build the Taliban and take over the oil industry (which we deem as "our" oil)? Please enlighten me. Thank you.

  2. If we stopped spending so much on the military we would be in a recession, if not a depression because so many industries are dependent upon government spending; e.g. boeing, lockheed martin, etc... States like Virginia would be done for. 
    They would fail. For this same reason, it's about special interests. Many in politics subsidize or purchase from these crony friends whether we really need the stuff or not. 
    It has to stop eventually, but nobody wants to be blamed for the market decline, so it continues. 
    There are other reasons, but this is the basic premise.
  3. The state tends to desire perpetual war. The war on terror is the foreign equivalent of the war on drugs. Both are unwinnable and so neither has a chance of ending. War gives the state greatly increased power and ability to push for laws that otherwise wouldn't pass, and like was said the military industrial complex is large, dispersed, and powerful. The loss of jobs I think isn't a major concern, the public would support a focused effort to end our wars. It just comes down to profit and power, with a little "democracy spreading" neoconservative ideology thrown in.
  4. idk, i disagree with obama on alota things. however, i think the drone attacks are an excellent idea...if the people being killed are indeed enemys of the united states
    obama is smart. he claims he is for the rights of the terrorist. he claims they should have the same rights american citizens get.
    so in order to get around what he says he beleives in, he sends a drone into foreign soil and drops a bomb on them
    the reason innocent civilians are being killed is the fact that they are hanging around the target when a bomb is dropped on them. so of course they are going to be killed. it sad and all, but when you hang around bad people, bad things happen to you
    yes! it is fucked up they are being killed, but i can think of four people who were just killed not to long ago by a terrorist
    these people were innocent in their own sense. they were running a race, or encouraging their love ones, or voluntering at a community event. most likely, not hanging around with someone who would go to great lengths to not  only just talk about killing people but actually kill mass amounts of people
    in the end it is a messy situation and there are no true winners in this mess.
    its sad how some greeddy people take something as powerful as religion and faith and uses it to control people for the wrong reasons
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    Wow, do you not understand the contradictory nature of your post?
    You think the drone strikes are that kill innocent people in Afghanistan/elsewhere are a good thing the same exact way the Tsarnaevs thought setting bombs off in Boston were a good thing. I guess the people watching the Boston Marathon runners shouldn't have been standing around where he dropped the backpack? I mean, how could they be so idiotic to be hanging around that backpack?
    That is the god damn problem with people. They support actions overseas and their consequences, and then get upset when the same thing happens in their own backyard (even when it's on a much smaller scale).
    You support terrorism, just not when it happens to you.
    Sending some peace your way.
  6. idk i cant understand exacly wat ur trying to say cause i dont understand how the boston bombers are related to drone attacks. im sure you do, i hope you can explain it so my stupidness would understand, its hard to understand smart people
    how is a drone attack a terrorist attack? sure they are both cowardly idk
    i guess i do not think the drone attacks are the same as the bombings
    i like to think of the terrorist like this. they acctack innocent people. they leave a bomb on the side of the orad or they send some idiot in with a bomb strapped to their body and they kill random people with no specific target. i mean kill goverment officials. at least the bengazi people did that. innocent civilians are not to be killed. thats a rule thas gone on for centrys and up until a few years ago, even organnized crime followed that rule
    as for the terrorist who are being attacked by a drone
    please note that one of the first things i said was enemys of the us
    these guys are enemys of the usa
    the inncocent civilians terrorist target when they attack are not enemys of whatever organzation they claim
    thse terorist being killed by drones are the battlefield commanders who take, give and execute orders in their little islamic jihid. these ra ethe people brianwashing and telling the boston brothers to kill innocent people
    these are the same people who will put a morter shell next to a school. they would put a tank next to a playground because in conventonal warfar, children are not targeted
    these people surrond themselves with innocent people beleaving that we wont try to kill them
    i mean why are you so supported of them? are you from america?
  7. ps thanks for send me some peace towards me. wow we can really use some right now huh? i will pack my peace bowl and take a nice hit for you :)
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    Dictionary definition of terrorism is: "the use of <span>violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.</span>"
    Every drone strike that kills an innocent person is terrorism plain and simple. It makes no difference the mechanics of it. Because the US government is more technologically advanced and murders innocents with drones does not mean it is not terrorism. Just because the US does not have to plant roadside IEDs does not mean it is not terrorism.
    Again with the contradictory statements of "innocent people are not to be killed". Do you know how many hundreds of children the US has murdered with their drone strikes prior to the Benghazi incident? (when you said something about 4 people being killed I thought you were referring to the Boston bombings - that's why I brought Boston up, but now I realize it was the Benghazi thing).
    Why do you say "innocent people are not to be killed", yet do not apply it to your own government?
    Have you ever stopped to think what makes these people enemies of the United States? It's shit like this. Would you be angry if the government of Pakistan sent a bomb towards Houston, Texas and killed 20 women and children in order to kill a guy that the Pakistani government didn't like?
    As for the mortar shit next to schools, I think you're thinking of the Gaza Strip, which isn't where US drones are active.
    And I'm not sure what you mean about me supporting "them"? Who is them? I don't support any terrorism, I just take it one further step than you do by not supporting terrorism from my own government.
    It's time we realize that peace and democracy bombs cause more enemies than it does remove enemies.
  9. Lenny88 defined terrorism for you (letsmokeasweet) so I dont have to. :) The idea that drone strikes are a good idea shows you dont actually know the REAL numbers for the deaths via drone strikes. Civilians compared to our ACTUAL TARGETS, the difference is fucking astounding. 
    As has already been stated, the reason we are still in war after Bin Laden's death , is war is a booming business and 'muricah loves business as usual. I don't really believe stopping gov't spending on war and weapons will take us into a recession. We had a recession while war was going on, regardless. Maybe if we spent our money on actually helping the world instead of destroying it we could get out of this fucking mess. It can be said, and has been said, that such a serious effort would pay for itself many times over and the benefits would be seen for decades to come.
  10. For every one terrorist they kill, they kill hundreds of innocents. There is a very startling infographic in the meme thread on this. Every time we blow up a wedding for example we create more terrorists. 
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    Ok. I read all the posts in this thread and I thank you all for your responses. Now this question:
    What would our world be like if we DID NOT attack the taliban or al queda? What if we just let them do what they wanted over there? How would that affect our world? Would the taliban rise up and start taking over the middle east and then get all the oil and use that money to create weapons of mass destruction? Would they be able to take over the Americas? What are we afraid of?
  12. Terrorism man.

    If we don't become a draconian dictatorship and bomb the shit out of anyone who might be a terrorist; it will only be a matter of time before bombs and planes are killing people left and right.

    Its a serious problem man.

    We are protecting ourselves.

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    We're not afraid of anything in that regard, specifically. We could destroy any of of those countries a few times over, and then bomb the rubble if we wanted to. Any plane from that part of the world that flew over our land without permission could and would be blown out of the sky. 
    Our military is far superior to a country like Iran's. It's almost not a valid comparison.
  14. Excellent response! So that is our conundrum: even though we are killing innocents, it has to be done in order to protect ourselves because terrorism is a serious problem.
    I think he was being sarcastic. Regardless, it isn't true at all. 
  16. Then why am I reading about drones? Are we sending these drones in to kill whatever remaining pockets of al queda terrorists remain? And we dont care who get in the way. These targeted by the CIA and FBI and interpol and HS. they always seem to surround themselves with innocent children so we can be chastised in the eyes of the world. But we do not care. If they are targets, they are targets. Do you agree?
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    The reason you and others speculate about why we have an aggressive foreign policy (and rightfully so), is that there is no concrete reason. There is no: "Until we get _______ accomplished." They have a desire for war. 
  18. Dayum thats messed up. So we can safely assume that there is justification for future terrorist attacks?
  19. Why would it end. They will just replace binladen. For instance if the president was killed we would just replace him.

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