Why are they dying!>?!?!

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    Some of my plants are alive, but most of them are just fucked up. They're tilting over completely and i just fucked up and i'm so upset with myself i don't even know what i did wrong.

    I moved them a little away from the lights.. but i don't know if i can save them. god damnit.

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  2. too much water??
  3. what lighting and how far away? Seedlings and clones dont need as much light as bigger plants
  4. Looks like an overwater, they aren't dead. How often you watering them?
  5. No, it couldn't be. I waited at least 4 days since watering them, and i watered them until it came out the bottom, and now they're dying....
  6. What soil mix are you using?
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    Summer is a bad time for indoor grows. The heat even in a basement can cause poor conditions. I always have my best Harvests Starting in November. That would be a start in September with a 30 day veg and 60 day flower. Summer might be the best time for a 18/6 photoperiod. It will give the tiny babies a nice 6 hours of cool during the peak sunlight and heat hours of 10am to 4pm.
  8. what lights you usin dorrg ?
    looks like possible heat stress

    dont wait 4 days to water,
    check if the soil is dry 1cm-1' down then water

    growing isnt an exact science
  9. looks like its getting cooked...to dry and too much light. move the light back and water...dont soak it...a little goes a long way. whats the temp around the plants?

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