Why are they all female?

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  1. Grower since mid seventies. Something is occuring that ive not experienced before. I am looking for an answer.
    I grow inside for last ten yrs. Don't do any breeding. Maybe a handful of cuttings once in a while i start.
    Started out with a paradise wappa female seed and a unfamiliar seed to me called strawberry blue. Upon checking on plants one day i notice my female wappa is male. First time a female seed i ordered had actually been a male. Yanked it out but of course it had already fertilized strawberry blue a bit. She made a few seeds, maybe 45-90. I kept a few as im a disabled lady with little income who often sees desperate times. Figured if out of seeds id try them. I soon found myself starting 8. I was hoping to get 4 females. Nope, i got 8. I have now started 32 of these seeds. I just came up from finding that the last 6 i started are again all female. Why?

    I am well aware of how ppl purposely create all female seed but i have done nothing except unknowingly let two plants breed. They grow very tall. Very sativa like. Heavy feeders. Long flowering time. About 4 oz per plant under an hps 600w. Anyone know what is going on with these seeds?
  2. I'm thinking if they are all female your plant actually hermied and polinated itself and you just never saw the balls. Then it might have some polinated by the male too witch will throw some boys into the mix and be really confusing. :smoke:

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