Why are these little pods appearing on my 5 week old plant??

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  1. Can someone help me with this plzz

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  2. The plants with the 'pods' on them are males, you should kill them asap before they pollinate your females.
  3. De boys no bueno! :(
  4. kill those 2 males ASAP save that last one in the back of the first picture before its too late! Good Luck hope u didn't buy those as clones...
  5. Oh no....its a dooooood!

    that sucks....cut 'em down.

    Start from seed and/or get clones from a REPUTABLE source
  6. I agree to cut the males, but put them in a paper bag and dry them and harvest the pollen for if you ever want to breed. That way you won't have to worry about growing out a male that far in the future and pollinating your whole crop. If you save the pollen, you can brush it on the bottom branches of future plants and make seeds, while having the top seedless.
  7. Another noob growing weed that dont know what a male looks like.
    Do yo know what NPK means?
    What is P.H?

    Read a book man.
  8. Yes i do know what Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus are and a ph level aswell, those plants are at 6.4 tested as of today I am a first time grower but have done plenty of research but I have never heard of males showing their signs at 5 weeks I enjoy constructive ctritism but I don't need dooshbags like you coming in heremy thread hatin. thank you everyone else for your feedback I want to keep them because i have more plants there and i do want to breed a pair those are the only ones like that so ima move them far away or try this keeping the pod thing you were talking about..
  9. Ok the male plant you guys wanted me to pull was actually not two and just a solo plant that was topped i moved 75 yrds away for the next day or so i do want to keep it. any tips on my other plants tho guys i do appreciate it cause this is my first time thank you....

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  10. Oh and one more thing these are started from seed from a bag of mids I bought 8 months ago.
  11. Overall, the others are looking fine.

    And ignore the smarties with their newb comments.
    (Can't see a link to his journal to comment, but we all have to start somewhere.)

    Just one thing - more than 75 yards for the male - bees, insects etc, even the wind, will easily carry pollen much further than that. As suggested by mjmama25, best to chop now, dry him, then save the pollen for the future.
    Mind you, that's only worthwhile if it's a decent strain. Hardly worth it for bagseed. Also, label the pollen bag with the strain name or you'll forget in time.

    We were typing at the same time, but I'll leave the above as it stands.
  12. Starting from seed is how you can get males, unless they're feminised seeds. (I guess that's what you meant.)
  13. Why do you want to keep the male? They can pollinate a crop from pretty far away. If one of my neighbors WAY down the street had a male, my plants would get seeds. You may be pollinating other nearby crops, as well as your own. The male won't be worth anything if you keep him. The most you could do is make some weak hash or edibles, but one male plant isn't much to work with. I'd really suggest pulling my now while you can. But it may already be too late.
  14. Exactly. Nature is really good at spreading pollen.

    Where I used to grow, outdoors, we'd get seed if someone else growing up to a quarter of a mile away had males.
  15. Ok then I will pullit i guess it is the right thing to do. Keep in mind that Im in the far south east of the country so could that be a reason that the male showed his sign only at 5 weeks old?? maybe cause of heat/humidity/ or cause i planted the around june 25th
  16. late in the season...
  17. well if you accidentally pollinate the females, All is not lost. atleast you'll get a Shit load of Seeds for your next Grow. :laughing:
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    It's flowering because this is the time in the season when the days are short enough for the male plants to flower, females usually start flowering a little bit after the males. Even if your plants were 3 months old the males would still start flowering around the same time.
  19. Done your research you say? Dont know what a male looked like?
    Listen im on my first grow too but you can be sure i went and at least done a bit of research. You have no excuse there are plenty of pics on google.

    And all the people that are gonna diss me.. c,mon did you know what a male looked like before your first grow?
  20. No its not what the male looks like its it showing its gender at 5 weeks old that confused me so my point stands thanks again for a useless comment

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